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2005-  Misha Mansoor - guitars
2007-  Jake Bowen - guitars, synths, programming
2009-  Matt Halpern - drums
2010-  Spencer Sotelo - vocals
2011-  Mark Holcomb - guitars
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2005  Jason Berlin - drums
2005-2007  Jake Veredika - vocals
2005-2009  Travis Orbin - drums
2005-2011  Tom Murphy - bass, backing vocals
2005-2011  Alex Bois - guitars, backing vocals
2007-2008  Casey Sabol - vocals
2008-2010  Chris Barretto - vocals
2012-2017  Adam "Nolly" Getgood - bass
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2012  Adam Getgood - bass, guitars
› 2019  -//- bass
2011  John Browne - guitars
2012  Adam Getgood - bass
2012  Jeff Holcomb - bass
2010  Adam Getgood - bass
2010  Elliot Coleman - vocals
2010  Jeff Loomis - guitars
2012  Wes Hauch - guitars
2012  Guthrie Govan - guitars
2012  John Petrucci - guitars
2013  Nick Johnston - guitars
2019  Mikee Goodman - vocals
2023  Jørgen Munkeby - saxophone
2024  Michael "Mike" Dawes - acoustic guitar

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Rome wasn’t built in a day, the world has never been less predictable, and “djent” is not a genre”. So say Periphery, but the bands that have been labelled as djent all sound similar enough to merit a genre tag for ease of discussion, and I can’t figure out how to type the Prince symbol in Word and thus represent ‘the genre formerly known as djent’.
Review by musclassia ››
Periphery is a name that, more than most prog bands, has the capacity to really split opinions. If you haven't previously been a fan, you can probably save your time and stop reading, as everything that may have put you off in the past is still here. As for the converted, how much you enjoy Hail Stan will very much depend on what parts of Periphery you like, as it's rather a 'kitchen sink' type of album.
Review by musclassia ››
Juggernaut: Alpha and Omega are parts I and II of a crowning achievement in songwriting, storytelling, and performance. It is more emotional, more melodic, and far more jazz than anyone was expecting. Oh, it just oozes at times with a thick, dense jazz, which is kneaded into the metal music so well. But that's just one of many important ingredients.
Review by Susan ››

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