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In Solitude


2002-2015  Niklas Lindström - guitars
2002-2015  Gottfrid Åhman - bass
2002-2015  Uno "Piranha" Bruniusson - drums
2003-2015  Nils Pelle Åhman - vocals
2010-2015  Henrik Palm - guitars
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2002-2005  Henrik Helenius - guitars, vocals
2005-2009  Mattias Gustafsson - guitars
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2011  Anna Norberg - vocals
2013  Pelle Forsberg - guitars
2013  Jarboe - vocals

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Sister has something different to say about the heavy metal heritage it draws inspiration from. In their own unique way In Solitude involve themselves in the retro occult craze that seems to have taken over heavy metal lately, joining fellow Swedish bands Portrait, Enforcer and the most successful Ghost B.C., while not being as overtly "in your face" about it. Unlike Ghost B.C. these guys go about digging into the dark themes through music and music alone. Well, aside from the lyrics that is. They aren't as concerned with constructing an image around their music as much as making Sister the finely crafted exhibition of original heavy metal that it is.
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