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2010-  Filip Andersen - vocals
2020-  Luca Mele - bass
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2010  Kasper Ralsted Jensen - guitars
2010-2011  Christian (III) - guitars
2010-2013  Søren Bomand - bass
2010-2015  Simon Drivhuus - drums
2010-2015  Tobias Munk Tønder - guitars
2011-2015  Rasmus - guitars
2013-2015  Kenn - bass
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2013  Bjarke Lassen - bass
2017-  Luca Mele - bass
2018  Kristian Evagelistis - drums
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2019-  Peter Layman - guitars
2011  Christian Bonnesen - vocals


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There’s enough bands doing ‘sludgy blackened hardcore’ music that one wonders if it’s time to make a definitive name for their niche. That abundance does, however, means that bands need to offer more than just auditory venom to stand out.
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Hexis's first full-length continues musically in the same vein as their debut EP XI, which has since been parceled out in fragments over a steady stream of EPs and splits. Abalam boasts an arsenal of all-new tracks to signal Hexis's move into a better-established position as a band.
Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››

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