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Stoned Jesus


2009-  Igor Sydorenko - vocals, guitars
2011-  Sergii Sliusar - bass, vocals
2017-  Dmitry Zinchenko - drums
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2009-2010  Alexandr - drums
2009-2010  Nikolay - bass
2011-2013  Vadim Matyko - drums
2013-2017  Viktor Kondratov - drums
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2010  Nick Kobold - bass
2010  Alex EphirZ - drums

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You may know Stoned Jesus as that band who plays that "I'm The Mountain" song you found on YouTube. Even my non-metalhead friends know that song, so Stoned Jesus are obviously mainstream. But here on their 4th album, they try to expand their sound a bit from the usual stoner rock.   Review by RaduP ››

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