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Country: France
Label: Great Dane Records

Links: Official website

Formed in: 1999

1999-Melodic death metal


1999-  Kathy Coupez - vocals, guitar
1999-  Igor Landorique - vocals, guitar
1999-  Jérémy Mairesse - bass
1999-2001  Bertrand Oria - drums
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1999-2001  Carine Pochet - keyboards
2001-2008  Arnaud Brabant - drums
2001-2008  Magali Seguy - keyboards
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Dylath-Leen, is a new band of "progressive" melodic Death made in France. Like an Arch Enemy, they have this really special and singular aspect which does that they are unique? a female singer. Kathy is a really good singer who knows how to...
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