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George Kollias


1990-1998 Extremity Obsession - drums, vocals  
1999-2005 Nightfall - drums  
2002-2007 Sickening Horror - drums  
2003-2004 System Shock - drums  
2004- Nile - drums, percussion  
2008- George Kollias - all instruments, vocals  
2014-2019 Contrarian - drums  
2019-2022 Enmity - drums  
2020- Embryo - drums  

Studio musician

2005 Nocta - drums  
2009 Cerebrum - drums  
2013 Ade - drums  
2013 Cerebrum - drums  
2013 Týr - drums  
2016 Demonstealer - drums  
2022 Darkest Oath - drums  
2023 Black Water Sunset - drums  
2023 Menace (GRE) - drums  

Guest musician

2012 Serenity Broken - drums  
2012 Lover Of Sin - drums  
2014 Outloud - drums  
2015 Stone Cold Dead - drums  
2022 Karl Sanders - drums, percussion  

Personal information

Born on: 30.08.1977

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The past:
Born in Korinthos-Greece in August 1977 George Kollias started playing drums at the age of 12. He formed his first band Extremity Obsession and he started playing local shows with them as well as with many other local bands as a session drummer.

In 1995 George got a big part of Extremity Obsession's song writing and the lead vocals, they record 2 demos, Extremity Obsession and Everlasting which were voted "Demo Of The Month" in many Magazine's and E-zines in Greece and Worldwide.

He took private lessons from Yannis Stavropoulos in 1999 and one year later he moved to Athens to start working as a professional musician.

He joined Nightfall in 2001 taking a big part of the song arrangements and the backing vocals and he recorded I Am Jesusalbum with great reviews from the worldwide press.

One year later George started working as a Session Drummer in many Athenian bands and he recorded several albums getting great studio experience. He also started giving drum lessons and work as a professional drum teacher in some Local Schools.

In 2003 George with 2 more members forms Sickening Horror, an Extreme Death Metal band with many progressive elements.

A few months later he recorded Sickening Horror's Promo 2003 getting incredible reviews from the worldwide press as well as from many well known drummers.

A year later he records Nightfall's Lyssa/Rural Gods And Astonish Punishments album.

In 2004 George joins the US metallers Nile and he moved to the United States to work and record his first album with Nile, Annihilation Of The Wickedand starts the Annihilation Of The Wicked World Tour.

He recorded Sickening Horror's debut album When Landscapes Bled Backwards in 2005 and he started his first steps as a Clinician Drummer at the same time.

The same year, Gabriel Drums launches the George Kollias Signature Snare Drum.

In 2006 George joins Modern Music School in Athens-Greece as a Drum Instructor on the Extreme Drumming Department.

Today George has just finished the recordings of Nile's 5th official album "Ithyphallic" and he is getting ready for the Ithyphallic World Tours 2007-08.
George is an official endorser of Gabriel Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Vic Firth Drumsticks, Axis Percussion and Extreme Headphones.
On the plans for 2007 is the release of his first Instructional DVD as well as many Drum Clinics all over the world.

George Kollias made an instructional drumming DVD called "Intense Metal Drumming" that was released in July 2008