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W.A.S.P. - Working On New Material

It's been almost seven years since W.A.S.P. (who had just recently announced a 40th anniversary world tour) released their most recent studio album of all-new original material Golgotha - not counting 2018's ReIdolized (The Soundtrack To The Crimson Idol), which was a re-recording of their classic 1992 album The Crimson Idol and featured some previously-unreleased tracks. Recently, however, frontman Blackie Lawless told Eddie Trunk that the band has been working on an album's worth of material.

When asked by Trunk if the last two years, amid the COVID pandemic, have been a good time for him to work on new material, Blackie said: "It is but at the same time I was of the first people that contracted this stuff and it was kind of a bizarre thing because James Hetfield was having a showing at the Peterson Museum here in L.A. for his cars. And I hadn't been anywhere in quite some time so I thought, 'OK, I am a car guy' so we went down and seen the cars. What we weren't anticipating when we got there is that — we found out later it was the single largest event in the history of the Peterson Museum. There was like a 1,000 people there and a lot of fans. As soon as we walked in the door, it turns a little bit into an in-store appearance so people want photos and you know, just say 'Hello' and things like that. Well, when you're taking photos and all that, everybody gets up close and everybody is breathing on everybody else. So, we go to the show. Everything is fine. A week later, I start feeling kind of tough and I thought, a couple of days into it, 'Well, I got the flu.' Well, about four days in, normally you would start feeling better. I wasn't. So I thought, 'Well, tomorrow, I'll feel better.' The next day, I get up and I'm worse and I thought, 'Well, this is a bad one. I'll feel better tomorrow.' And the next day, I was even worse than that! This goes on for about seven or eight days, and [laughs] I'm getting to the end of my rope. I'm thinking, 'What the hell is this?' And then I lose my taste, and smell and all that. That went on for two more weeks after that but we don't know what this is because there is no name for it yet. I mean, this is still — it was the end of January in 2020. So, I start getting better. It goes on for weeks and weeks and we didn't know what it was. Then we start hearing this rumbling that there's something out there with this funny name on it. About three months into — the better part of three months — you know. After that time, I then decided to, you know, start working a little bit, and got basically to where we are now. And I've got quite a bit of material that we've been working on diligently actually."

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Posted: 16.01.2022 by Metal God


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16.01.2022 - 21:43

Blackie told to Trunk also the possibility to return to play ANIMAL FUCK LIKE A BEAST on tour.
Føroyar mítt land

Tú alfagra land mítt

Føroyar mín Móðir
16.01.2022 - 21:47

Aaarrrgh, would be great ! to hear something valuable from Blackie and CO. great news !
16.01.2022 - 22:55
Bad English
Tage Westerlund
This scares me... Last one wad lame... Can they write good new music?
Life is to short for LOVE, there is many great things to do online !!!

Stormtroopers of Death - ''Speak English or Die''

I better die, because I never will learn speek english, so I choose dieing
16.01.2022 - 23:05
Valentin B
Written by Iceland_Norway on 16.01.2022 at 21:43

Blackie told to Trunk also the possibility to return to play ANIMAL FUCK LIKE A BEAST on tour.

I love that song! I would love it if they changed up their setlist a bit, it has been a bit same old (aside from the Re-Idolized tour but that was already 4.5 years ago). Just start the set with Chainsaw Charlie and I guarantee everyone will lose their shit.

As for Blackie catching Covid right at the beginning of the pandemic... well he was a pioneer in the metal world for a long time ahah, thankfully he seems to be fine.

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