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Yann Armellino - Cross-Rocks review

Band: Yann Armellino
Album: Cross-Rocks
Release date: 2005

01. Crossroads
02. The Beginning
03. Dropped D Song
04. Stop Breakin' Down
05. Beach Music
06. Riff, Roll & Stylus
07. Shandi
08. Electro Song
09. Metal Song (Baby's Like Metal)
10. If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day
11. Four Untill Late
12. Time To Time
13. Feels So Good [remix]
14. Walkin' Blues

Yann Armellino is a young French guitarist, I saw him with Freak Kitchen (December 2004) in Paris, and I was really impressed by his guitar play. This is the time for me now to do the review of his last album "Cross-Rocks"? if you're a fan of guitar no doubt that this one will be for you?

This album is a really nice one? for all the guys and girls who like, Blues Rock, Hard Rock and especially "guitar heroes". "Cross-Rocks" is an album by a "guitarist" for the fans of the guitar above all and I think that some people will like this CD, like some others will hate it, or at least will find it uninteresting. That's always the same problem with this kind of release, when the majority of the songs are instrumentals without any lyrics you see what I mean, it can be boring. For me, and because I like the guitar, I can't deny that I like this album, especially because that Yann is a really great artist who knows how to play music, and his album is in addition really interesting. From Blues Rock to Hard Rock to Metal, "Cross-Rocks" is a nice journey in the world of "Rock", with different musical styles and a lot of emotions?
Actually, this album even has a song "Crossroads" (a cover of Robert Johnson) with a singer and really it sounds good, and I think that Yann will have one day to release a real album with all the songs with a singer, why not after all
The production is really good with a perfect sound, that's important for such album, and also a nice booklet, with some information about Yann ,cool pics and all that you need to have a good release.
The only problem, as I said before is the fact that this album is really intimist and for a really particularly public. The ones who don't like instrumental will find it unfortunately boring? That's the risk with this kind of release, but at least don't worry if you like such album, it's more than well done?

This album is maybe more some "Rock"n"Roll" than Metal but for sure it's a nice release for all the ones who like great guitarist, and believe me, Yann Armellino is a great one. I would like to see him one day with a real Heavy Metal band, just to see, I'm sure that it could be something more than surprising but anyway if you like Satriani and/or guys like Rory Gallagher, this album is for you.

Written by Jeff | 10.03.2005

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