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Crimson Glory - Crimson Glory

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Release date: 1986
Style: Progressive heavy metal


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01. Valhalla
02. Dragon Lady
03. Heart Of Steel
04. Azrael
05. Mayday
06. Queen Of The Masquerade
07. Angels Of War
08. Lost Reflection
09. Dream Dancer [Re-release bonus]

Top 20 albums of 1986: 6

Additional info
Reissued on CD in 2001.
Dream Dancer taken from 'Dream Dancer' single in 1988.

Guest review by
Crimson Glory had begun their career very impressively with this debut, which was topped only by their following release Transcendence. This early rise to glory became their downfall, as they never really managed to continue their run with great success. The Crimson Glory debut, as well as Transcendence, will however always remain iconic in the U.S. power metal genre as well as the 80s heavy metal scene.

published 23.01.2022 | Comments (5)

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08.02.2013 - 02:54
Account deleted
I'm not sure but I think I might prefer this one over Transcendence. Still undecided, but both are amazing. Dragon Lady, Azrael and Queen of the Masquerade are my favorite CG songs.
19.03.2018 - 23:39
Rating: 8

Great debut. Overall more or less at par with its successor, I would say.
Azrael clearly stands out here and is my favourite CG song.
Dragon lady, Queen, and dream dancer are also highlights.
Unfortunately, their first two albums are the only relevant outcome from them.
28.04.2018 - 14:06
Rating: 8
Mountain King
K i K o
A little overrated but definitely worth the listen. Also the production annoys me.
03.05.2020 - 02:36
Rating: 10

Amazing album! Enjoyed so much with it. And loved its production sounding so 80ish.
03.05.2020 - 02:56
Rating: 10
Metal Rambo

One of my favorite albums of all time, I don't think anyone has done metal exactly like these guys did here and on Transcendence. I especially dig the production on this album, the melodic bass lines sound ridiculously awesome.
You've got a lot of guts. Let's see what they look like!
30.07.2020 - 10:03
Rating: 9
Jope Steele
Definitely an impressive debut with many a strong song, and even the bonus song is magnificent. I read some article about the band some years ago which was praising the singer (Midnight) a lot -- I suppose it wasn't long after his death when it was written -- and I agree that these are some of the best vocals from someone, of who afaik, not so many people have heard about and who performed only on a few records. I enjoy pretty much all the songs and I agree those songs mentioned on above comments as stand outs, Dragon Lady and Azrael having most potential as favorites.

The album reminds me for some reason of another album from 86, Somewhere In Time by IM; not quite the same genre but the audio sounds very similar to me.
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