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Septicflesh - Sumerian Daemons

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Release date: 18 February 2003
Style: Atmospheric death metal


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01. Behold… The Land Of Promise
02. Unbeliever
03. Virtues Of The Beast
04. Faust
05. When All Is None
06. Red Code Cult
07. Dark River
08. Magic Loves Infinity
09. Sumerian Daemon
10. Mechanical Babylon
11. Infernal Sun
12. The Watchers
13. Shapeshifter

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Spiros "Seth" Antoniou - vocals, bass, samples
Sotiris Vayenas - guitars, vocals
Christos "Chris" Antoniou - guitars, samples
Akis "Lethe" Kapranos - drums
George Tamvakologos - keyboards

Guest musicians
Natalie Rassoulis - vocals
Gore - backing vocals

Additional info
Recorded & mixed at Studio Fredman (Sweden), May-June 2002.
Sound engineers: Patrik J. and Fredrik Nordström.
Produced by Fredrik Nordström and Septic Flesh.
The choir vocals were recorded at Praxis Studio with Lambros Sfyris as sound engineer.
Digital mastering at Mega Wimp Sound in Berlin.
Executive producer: Hammerheart Records.

Staff review by
Septic Flesh, a band that was always expressing the Faustian spirit and the aenaon search of the soul. In nowadays' society where human beings have no opinion nor will of their own, imprisoned by their own will, they only follow and they feed upon lies, waiting for the land of promise and a fake paradise/utopia, Septic Flesh with "Sumerian Daemons" bring forth the arch meaning of the word "Demon" (Daemon). Daemon = Demon = the one who seeks knowledge, wisdom, the free spirit that won't follow; definitely not the false meaning that Church passed throughout the centuries of a dark soul/fallen angel trying to lead humans to eerie delights/temptation. They take us back to the ancient civilizations of the Sumerians and ancient Egypt, thousands of years ago, when humans were searching for utter knowledge and attain wisdom. The Sumerian ziggurats and the pyramids of Egypt, symbols of symmetry and a free age when the spirit was able to fly…

published 08.09.2004 | Comments (12)

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Comments: 14   Visited by: 1145 users
27.02.2010 - 01:45
Rating: 10
This album is a piece of perfection. it takes you to another place while listening to it. excellent.
Υou've sold your human essence to the cold world of dead and empty things... You're SOLD!
05.09.2010 - 15:44
Account deleted
Written by Deadmeat on 27.02.2010 at 01:45

This album is a piece of perfection. it takes you to another place while listening to it. excellent.

Agreed. Maybe their best.
24.02.2011 - 02:16
Rating: 9
Dark Blood
The Avenger
Written by Guest on 05.09.2010 at 15:44

Written by Deadmeat on 27.02.2010 at 01:45

This album is a piece of perfection. it takes you to another place while listening to it. excellent.

Agreed. Maybe their best.

I gotta say, when I first listened to this album I didn't really liked it, and I thought it was uninteresting. But it's been growing on my like no other! How can I be so fool to think this was not interesting...? lol
It is humanity who must pay homage to the greatness of the Universe... not the Universe to the human narcissism.
26.04.2011 - 21:20
Rating: 10

02.05.2011 - 23:09

When they disbanded back in time i thought myself: "why disband after they created an album like Summerian Daemon?" The album felt like a hammer smashing your face with a hammer. Certainly it had many melodic parts but i must say it was more brutal than melodic...Anyway, Septic Flesh are one of the few bands that each album travels you to another dimension through nighmares and sighs since their first album...Hail to the hordes of the dreamlord !!!
22.08.2011 - 05:35
Rating: 8

Easily their best.
04.03.2012 - 18:40
Rating: 9

I am a huge fan of this band, and have been for the last half a year. This album is so fucking powerful its almost impossible to take it all in in one listen. The industrial and symphonic flourishes may steer fans of the band's more extreme side away, but i believe it adds to a balance that puts this band firmly in a world of their own.
16.06.2012 - 23:52
Rating: 9

Great album! Intense!
09.07.2013 - 17:36
Rating: 9
Metal Addict
One of my favourite Septicflesh albums. Though, actually, almost all of them are my favourties.
"And we are not who we think we are
We are who we're afraid to be"
- Lux Occulta "The Opening of Eleventh Sephirah"
08.01.2014 - 22:40
Rating: 10

Easily my favorite Death Metal Album
15.03.2014 - 16:27

Vocals are something so awesome. good good...
16.04.2014 - 02:02
Rating: 10

This album definitely takes you to another place, it makes me feel like a mere mortal who has the privilege to eavesdrop on god's creation - definitely their best work!
21.08.2015 - 20:24
Rating: 3
Dr. Strawberry

Not for me.
28.08.2018 - 14:13
Rating: 9

I couldn't appreciate The Great Mass, Titan or Communion, but this album is great!
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