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Leprous - Bilateral

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Release date: 22 August 2011
Style: Progressive metal


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01. Bilateral
02. Forced Entry
03. Restless
04. Thorn [feat. Vegard Sverre "Ihsahn" Tveitan]
05. Mb. Indifferentia
06. Waste Of Air
07. Mediocrity Wins
08. Cryptogenic Desires
09. Acquired Taste
10. Painful Detour

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Einar Solberg - vocals, keyboards
Tor Oddmund Suhrke - guitars
Øystein Landsverk - guitars
Tobias Ørnes Andersen - drums
Rein T. Blomquist - bass

Guest musicians
Vegard Sverre "Ihsahn" Tveitan - vocals
Vegard Sandbukt - trumpet

Guest review by
2011 proved to be a smorgasbord of interesting progressive metal acts, so much so that it was extremely difficult to keep up with the near constant influx of exhilarating, perplexing and fascinating material. When a progressive metal band attempts to release their own music into such a diverse and lively atmosphere one thing above all else is imperative to their receiving of your attention. Mushrooms! But seriously while that is some eye grabbing cover art which adorns Leprous' latest album Bilateral what is it about the music within that brings the band to the forefront of such a prosperous year for progressive metal?

published 14.01.2012 | Comments (6)

A highly anticipated release from this up-and-coming Norwegian outfit, Leprous has exceeded almost insurmountable expectations. Their previous effort, Tall Poppy Syndrome, was thoroughly enjoyable but somewhat derivative (...Opeth). The off-beat brilliance hinted at before is fully realized and really shines with the dynamics of beautiful production. As the touring band for Ihsahn recently, it is appropriate that the man himself would make an appearance to add to the intensity of it all. Soaring vocals, great atmospheres, and techie musicianship make this a recommendation for fans of Arcturus, Devin Townsend and Shaolin Death Squad. (And Opeth... duh.)

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07.01.2012 - 10:05
Rating: 9

Much better than their previous efforts imo! The singer has such a powerful voice. And what's more interesting, I find the clean parts much better than the growl parts, which is kind of unusual! Usually it's the other way around, or about the same. The only other album I find this way is Opeth's masterpiece My Arms, Your Hearse.
05.02.2012 - 01:16
Rating: 8
proofread free
A crime I've committed ignoring this until now. Some seriously brilliant stuff
He who is not bold enough
to be stared at from across the abyss
is not bold enough
to stare into it himself.
28.07.2012 - 14:17
Rating: 10
gloom cookie
Last year, I thought this was okay but a step-down from TPS. Now, when I revisited it... it's like, holy fuck, could this be any better.
7.0 means the album is good
14.10.2012 - 10:09
Rating: 7
I'm afraid it doesn't do much favor for me. It is brilliant indeed but more than just a step-down from Tall Poppy Syndrome. Although it is indeed a good album.
02.02.2013 - 03:14
Rating: 9
This album is still way awesome to go back to, I'm gonna try tall poppy syndrome finally.
02.02.2013 - 06:23
Rating: 9
Ag Fox
Angel No More
I personally like tall poppy syndrome more
loves 小巫
19.09.2013 - 16:22
Rating: 9
"The Quaker"
2 years after the release I started to really like the album. Damn..
04.01.2014 - 13:57
Rating: 10

I'll say it.
This may just be my favourite album of all time. (I'm still not currently sure...)
This is what happens when you take a group of talented and original musicians, put an unstoppable force in on vocals, and let them do whatever they want.
Genre breaking, incredibly unique, and one of the best musical experiences in the prog scene.
Sometimes you just need to roll the dice and look away.
04.06.2015 - 23:40
Rating: 9

I liked this at the time, but it didn't make a huge impression and I kinda forgot about it, whilst I revisited TPS quite a bit. The Congregation's given me a chance to revisit this one and Coal, and my opinion of both has improved quite a bit. This really is a great mesh of 'chaotic' but well-planned and inventive songwriting, really enjoyable music and fantastic vocals - I may now be on board with the general consensus that this is the band's best effort
19.11.2016 - 12:34
Rating: 9
"The Quaker"
Baard's other band Rendezvous Point plays similar stuff to Leprous' Bilateral. If you were slightly disappointed by their newer stuff maybe you want to check them out
03.08.2020 - 01:33
Rating: 9
Mountain King
K i K o
This is my fav. Leprous album and one of the best prog metal records I would say. It even beats the debut, everything is right here. My fav. tracks are "Forced Entry", "Restless" & "Thorn" followed by "Painful Detour". However, all the album is made of solid and interesting songs.
09.02.2021 - 18:54
Rating: 9

I used to think this was my favourite Leprous album until I broke it down. Their debut simply has the better songs.
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15.05.2022 - 21:01
Rating: 10

Funny. I used to think Tall Poppy Syndrome was my favorite Leprous album. Today Bilateral is my favorite of theirs.

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