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Deströyer 666

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Also known as Destroyer 666, D666

Country: Australia (original)
United Kingdom (current)
Label: Season Of Mist

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Formed in: 1994

1994-Blackened thrash metal
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1994-  K.K. - guitars, vocals
2015-  Felipe Plaza Kutzbach - bass
2020-  Kev Desecrator - drums
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1994-1995  Chris Broadway - drums
1994-1999  Philip Gresik - bass
1995  Matt Sanders - drums
1995-1998  Mark Howitzer - drums
1996-2012  Shrapnel - guitars, vocals
1998-1999  Deceiver - drums
2000  Shane Rout - drums
2000-2001  Eric De Windt - drums
2000-2002  Simon Turner - bass
2001-2012  Mersus - drums
2004-2014  Matt Razor - bass
2012-2017  Per "Perra" Karlsson - drums
2012-2020  Roland C. - guitars, backing vocals
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2010  Per "Perra" Karlsson - drums
2012  Roland C. - guitars, backing vocals
2017-2020  Kev Desecrator - drums
2018  Deceiver - drums
2022  Javi Bastard - backing vocals, guitars

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Here is Never Surrender, the sixth release by the blackened thrash act Deströyer 666, which yet again provides us with more stellar headbanging material, with some of the catchiest riffs and tastiest guitar leads you'll hear this year. So Never Surrender seems a fitting album title, I say, as the beastly wolves certainly have no indication of surrendering their devastatingly ferocious bite just yet.
Review by AndyMetalFreak ››
Deströyer 666 are frequently referred to as "Aussie War Metal". Now, I'm not one for batting around goofball fictitious genre names, but after an album like this it seems very appropriate.

With absolutely no meandering about with...
Review by Doc G. ››

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