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God Is An Astronaut


2002-  Torsten Kinsella - guitars, vocals
2002-  Niels Kinsella - bass, guitars, keyboards
2003-  Lloyd Hanney - drums
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2002-2011  Lloyd Hanney - drums, synths
2011-2022  Jamie Dean - keyboards
2012-2013  Gazz Carr - guitars
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2024  Jo Quail - cello
2024  Dara O'Brien - sitar, shamanic drum, bowed psaltery, chimes, tanpura
2011  Michael Fenton - drums
2012-  Stephen Whelan - drums
2023-  Daniel Gallagher - guitars, synths
2015  Jimi Scanlan - guitars
2024  Jimmy Scanlon - guitars
2024  Sean Coleman - zither

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Can you believe it's been nearly 20 years since God Is An Astronaut's debut?
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Now I do really love God

As a musical journalist I always try to be open minded, always exploring on the look for something fresh and innovative, even if that means straying from the confines of Metal.
But what's most exciting is not to find original...
Review by Undercraft ››

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