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Jag Panzer

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Also known as Tyrant (US-CO) (1981)

Country: USA
Label: Atomic Fire Records

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Formed in: 1981
Broke up: 1988-1994

1981-US power metal
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1981-  Mark Briody - guitars, keyboards
1981-  John Tetley - bass
1981-1986  Harry Conklin - vocals
› 1996-2011  -//-
› 2015-  -//-
1987-  Rikard Stjernquist - drums
2022-  Ken Rodarte - guitars
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1981-1985  Rick Hilyard - drums
1984-1986  Joey Tafolla - guitars
› 1994-1997  -//-
› 2014-2017  -//-
1985  Steve Montez - vocals
1985  Chris Cronk - vocals
1985-1986  Reynold "Butch" Carlsson - drums
1986-1988  Christian Lasegue - guitars
› 2008-2011  -//-
1987-1988  Bob Parduba - vocals
1994-1995  Daniel J. Conca - vocals
1994-1996  Chris Hostka - guitars
1997-2008  Chris Broderick - guitars
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2018-2022  Ken Rodarte - guitars

Latest reviews

Power metal generally has a bit more of a fantasy dragon-slaying setting, so how's a dystopian future as a setting?
Review by RaduP ››
Jag Panzer is that rare power metal band that lives up to the name of the genre in every aspect, radiating a sense of raw power and brute force that leaves a lot of extreme metal bands rolling in the dust. Thankfully, the band's second hiatus was considerably shorter than the first, and The Deviant Chord shows us a Jag Panzer renewed in spirit and ready to keep its good name intact.
Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››
I have seen you guys (and girls, of course) talk about underestimated bands, but if we shall crown the most underestimated band out there, it has to be Jag Panzer.
Because I can't mention a band that deserve more attention for their work than Jag...
Review by Malcolm ››
I guess the most of you metal fans out there, in one way or another, have heard or heard of this American Heavy Metal band, so I shall not going to talk about them, actually, I shall not going to talk much at all, 'cause this isn't a new album...
Review by Malcolm ››

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