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Country: The Netherlands
Label: Ván Records

Links: Official website

Formed in: 2005

2005-Black metal
2005-Doom metal


2010-  William Nijhof - vocals
2013-  Vic van der Steen - bass
2013-  Gerben van der Aa - guitars
2015-  Cátia Uiterwijk Winkel-André Almeida - synthesizers
2019-  Bart van Mierlo - drums
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2005-2009  Jan Bieseman - vocals
2005-2012  Ward Maaswinkel - drums
2005-2012  Yara Jumelet - synth
2005-2013  Alex Koorengevel - guitars
2005-2022  Pascal Vervest - guitars
2007-2008  Stijn "Terger" - bass
2008-2009  Geert van Mook - bass
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2009-2010  Harrie van Erp - bass
2010-2011  Martijn Baan - bass
2012-2015  Marcello Rodriguez - synths
2012-2015  Sarban Grimminck - drums
2015-2019  Remco Verhees - drums
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When is epic fail epic win?

When it's Faal's epic four track full-length The Clouds Are Burning.

Many moons ago, my Doom Pusher, Marcel, sent me a package with a bunch of t-shirts, promo materials, and disks. Faal's Abhorrence - Salvation...
Review by BitterCOld ››
Faal, 'fail' in English, are a young Dutch band with potential. With only three gigs behind their name they already made a name for themselves in the Dutch doom scene, at least big enough to get invited as opening act for the renowned Dutch...
Review by Lucas ››

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