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Ancient Ascendant


2005-2018  Alan Webb [ MS user ] - bass
2005-2018  Dave Moulding - drums
2005-2018  Alex Butler [ MS user ] - guitars, vocals
2008-2018  Nariman Poushin - guitars
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2005-2008  Phil Greenwood - guitars
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Do you remember a time when blackened death metal was exciting? No doubt you do if the recent Behemoth's your thing, in which case your excitement over their new record, or even your disappointment, may have you looking for other spins within this area of metal. Although of an entirely different breed Ancient Ascendant do things very differently, blending the old elements in a new way. They worship not Satan, but, with their sound firmly founded in a melodically inflected death metal, they worship the blackened fires of thrash.   Review by R'Vannith ››

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