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Entombed A.D.


2014-2021  L-G Petrov - vocals
2014-2021  Olle Dahlstedt - drums
2014-2021  Nico Elgstrand - guitars
2019-2021  Guilherme Miranda - guitars
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2014-2018  Victor Brandt - bass
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2019  Putz Weck - bass
2014  Johan Jansson - guitars
2015-2019  Guilherme Miranda - guitars
2018  Simon Wizén - bass
2018  Ronnie Bergerståhl - drums
2018-2021  Tobias Cristiansson - bass

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Now we have two Entombeds lurking around? Details on this fiasco are vague, but the most obvious scenario is that these guys were ready to do battle metal style...Which is less Braveheart meets Conan The Barbarian, and more of Judge Judy...But Judge Judy on a metal musicians budget for legal representation, which is probably something like Barry Zuckerkorn meets Lionel Hutz. Alas, Alex Hellid packed up his toys and went home, leaving the rest of the Entombed crew to release this as Entombed A.D.. Bad news for Hellid, because Back To The Front slays pretty damn hard.
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