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John Fowler


1987-1989 Rage Of Angels - drums  
1990-1992 Steelheart - drums  

Personal information

Died on: 21.03.2008

John Sherman Fowler (born 1965- died March 21, 2008) was an American drummer who was an original member of Steelheart from their formation in 1990 to their first break up in 1992. He played on the bands first two albums Steelheart & Tangled In Reins. He died on March 21, 2008 after falling into a coma on March 17 following a sudden brain hemorrhage. He was a member of the bands Voodoo Jets, Smoke and Hipnotic at the time of his death. Toward the end of his life, he was a drum teacher at the East Coast Music Mall in Danbury, Connecticut. Many people there did not know of his successes with steelheart, and he was regarded as a great teacher and was well liked by his students.