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Alessandro Lotta


1995-2001 Rhapsody - bass  
1998-2005 Wingdom - bass  
2015- Random Eyes - bass  

Guest musician

2008 Tragedian - bass  
2012 Fogalord - bass, guitars  

Personal information

Born on: 26.03.1975

Alessandro began play bass in the age of 14. He started to take lessons in classic music when he was 16 and on his sparetime he worked on his finger technique. Before joining Rhapsody Alessandro used to play a more progressive style of metal much influenced by King Crimson and Rush. He joined them under the production of "Symphony Of Enchanted Lands". He left the band in 2001. In meantime he was also member of Wingdom from 1998, but he left this band too in 2005 two years before they split up. In 2008 he played as guest musician on Tragedian's album Dreamscape.