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2022 Top Pop Pickers - Not 'Arf

Created by: Dylan 1974 | 09.03.2022

1. Marillion - An Hour Before It's Dark
Stop the press: Marillion remember how to do a record under 60 minutes and it's their best in ages. (Prog Rock)
2. Satan - Earth Infernal
Killer album from these seasoned campaigners. Heavy metal 101 right here folks. (Heavy Metal)
3. Messa - Close
Yo! bum rush the show - it's proper hipster metal. Doom metal lightly peppered with jazzy, folky goodness with a sprinkling of blues rock. Great. (Doom Metal)
4. Arð - Take Up My Bones
Some dude from Winterfylleth creates something better than Winterfylleth. (Atmospheric Doom Metal)
5. Voivod - Synchro Anarchy
Snake, Away, Chewy and Rocky. Best Voivod in ages. What the fuck is a Voivod though? (Alt / Prog / Thrash Metal)
6. Friends Of Hell - Friends Of Hell
We love Albert Witchfinder, we do. Smelly, epic doom metal with a hint of sludgy punk - and very nice it is too. (Doom Metal)
7. Midnight - Let There Be Witchery
More sexy black n' roll nonsense from the hooded one. Sordid, silly and delightful in equal measure. (Black / Speed / Heavy Metal)
8. Immolation - Acts Of God
Welcome return of that funky Immolation sound. Get on down to the funky flava. (Death Metal)
9. Spitfire - Denial To Fall
Classy catchy heavy metal from the land of Zeus. It's basically an elegant Hellenic sculpture crafted from shiny steel, dude. Essentially, this is for old farts like me who say things like 'they don't make them like this, anymore'. Well they do, and it's right here mateys. (Heavy Metal)
10. Creeping Flesh - ...And Then The Bombs Came
There's a simple logic at work here: I really like Bolt Thrower; so do these guys; in conclusion, I like them. (Death Metal)
11. Non Est Deus - Impious
This tasty little bastard doesn't fuck around: relentlessly awesome, inventive black metal from the bloke behind Kanonenfieber. (Black Metal)
12. Saxon - Carpe Diem
So metal they come from the City of Steel. Top turn for Biff and co. (Heavy Metal)
13. Locust Point - Michigan
A chunky and rather tasty stew made with Thin Lizzy carrots, Saxon beef and lightly peppered with BOC for good measure. For all imbibers of vintage metal/hard rock juice. (Hard Rock / Heavy Metal)
14. The Spirit - Of Clarity And Galactic Structures
Proggy death metal with black metal and sci-fi thrown into the blender. (Prog Death Metal / Black Metal)
15. Nite - Voices Of The Kronian Moon
The music is NWOBHM, the vocals are android Lemmy does black metal with a whisper. We're Nite and we play rock n' roll or whatever the fuck this is. (Black / Heavy Metal)
16. Slowtorch - The Machine Has Failed
Wicked psychedelic stoner debut. (Psych / Heavy Metal / Stoner Metal)
17. Vorga - Striving Toward Oblivion
Super catchy sci-fi black metal. Cosmic, baby. (Melodic Black Metal)
18. Ataraxy - The Last Mirror
Spain's exponents of superlative death doom return with a tenuous exploration in melody, while retaining the crushingly heavy riffage. Deep, cavernous, dark, and broody as fuck. (Death Doom Metal)
19. Shape Of Despair - Return To The Void
Really, really slow heavy metal with a bit of atmos thrown in for good measure? I'm gonna call this graveyard doom metal. Wonder if it'll catch on. (Funeral Doom Metal)
20. SAOR - Origins
Not a patch on his best work but still decent. (Atmospheric Black Metal / Folk Metal)
21. The Troops Of Doom - Antichrist Reborn
If being a thrash metal band from Brazil and naming your band after a Sepultura classic doesn't elicit Sepultura comparisons, entirely basing your sound on 'Beneath The Remains' and 'Arise' surely will. Oh well, it's very well executed, catchy and drenched in thrashy fun. (Thrash Metal)
22. Tómarúm - Ash in Realms of Stone Icons
Expansive, inventive and very well-executed prog black with elements of tech death. I'm not usually a huge fan of orchestration in extreme metal, but these guys do it very well. (Progressive Black Metal)
23. Static Abyss - Labyrinth Of Veins
Dark as fuck, brutal, discordant death doom / old school death from some Autopsy fellas. Naughty but nice. (Death Metal / Death Doom Metal)
24. Hath - All That Was Promised
Expansive prog death metal meditation. Nice. (Prog Death Metal)
25. Bort - The Wreck Of The Hesperus
Very enjoyable proggy stoner debut. (Psych / Prog / Stoner Metal)
26. Scalpture - Feldwärts
Impressive, inventive old school death with crushing riffage and bleak melodic phrases. (Death Metal)
27. Werewolves - From The Cave To The Grave
This cheeky little number will give you a right fucking headache. Crushingly heavy, uncompromising, mean-as-fuck death metal. Like a sledgehammer blow to your fucking mandible. Ace. (Blackened Death Metal)
28. Undeath - It's Time​.​.​.​to Rise from the Grave
Juicy Swedish death on a strictly old school tip. (Death Metal)
29. Tyranny Enthroned - The Infernal Suffering
Could I have my black metal seasoned with filthy old school death metal please? Certainly, sir. (Blackened Death Metal)
30. All Things Fallen - Shadow Way
Polished progressive metal gubbings. (Prog Metal)
31. Crowbar - Zero And Below
Kirk Windstein ponders a more thoughtful, lighter touch, then forgets and does Crowbar instead. (Sludge Metal)
32. Destruction - Diabolical
Miles better than I expected - best Destruction album in 20 years. (Thrash Metal)
33. Horehound - Collapse
Very good sludge doom debut. Comes resplendent with impressive vocals and existential musing. (Doom Metal / Sludge Metal)
34. Black Lung - Dark Waves
This crafty little psych doom slab will have you moving your head in a vertical motion repeatedly. (Psych / Doom Metal)
35. Lord Belial - Rapture
This ain't gonna change the world and it's not the best black I've heard this year but it's an enjoyable listen and a bit of a grower. (Black Metal)
36. Befouled - Denying Pulse
I'm loving me Skandi death this year and this is no exception. Decent. (Death Metal)
37. Ufomammut - Fenice
Bug-eyed Hawkwind meets early Floyd Sabbath in a heavily distorted spaced out, psychedelic moon dance. Trippy. (Psychedelic Stoner Metal)
38. Evil Invaders - Shattering Reflection
In case of emergency, break glass for a sense of humour - super fun tongue in cheek thrashy, speedy stuff from Belgium. (Speed / Thrash / Heavy Metal)
39. Famyne - II: The Ground Below
Epic doom metal with inventive melody and impressive vox. (Doom Metal)
40. Baalzagoth - Morbid Persecutions
Yet another blackened death band from Poland!?! Do we need anymore, for Lucifer's sake?!? Yes, we do - especially one cheeky enough to nick another band's name. (Blackened Death Metal)
41. Paganizer - Beyond The Macabre
Another solid slab of completely unoriginal old school death from Sweden that pays homage to bands like Grave & Dismember. Fucking nice and well worth a check if, like me, you like this sort of thing. (Death Metal)
42. Kreator - Hate Über Alles
It would be fucking sweet to hear another Pleasure To Kill or Extreme Aggression but that is never gonna happen. This isn't all killer-no filler but it's still pretty good in a shit year for thrash metal overall. (Thrash Metal)

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02.06.2022 - 20:27
Nocturnal Bro
I love your fun descriptions
06.06.2022 - 08:57
Dylan 1974

Written by F3ynman2000 on 02.06.2022 at 20:27

I love your fun descriptions

I live to give, old bean. Glad you enjoyed.
31.08.2022 - 08:13
A Nice Guy
Great list Just like above said, I too enjoy your descriptions

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