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Best Of The Year: 2022

I've played somewhere in the region of 1200 albums this year - there's been a lot of great stuff among them, so this will not be an easy list to narrow down - I'd like to say I can be stricter than the 25 I had in last year's list, but to be honest I feel like the competition for 25 spots is more intense this time around, so I'll stick to that (making this the top 2% of albums I heard this year) - shoutouts to Gloson, The Nest, Sum Of R, Process Of Guilt, Dysnostic and Aeviterne, who probably would have had good shots of making it onto this list if I'd made the time to revisit them more. Also shoutout to Laere and Euphrosyne, whose EPs in Clandestine Cuts indicate exceedingly promising futures

Created by: musclassia | 23.12.2022

1. Psychonaut - Violate Consensus Reality
All of the promise of the amazing debut record has been backed up in abundance.
2. Disillusion - Ayam
Arguably a step up from an already fantastic comeback record in The Liberation.
3. Persefone - Metanoia
Righted a few of the minor qualms I had with Aathma, it's a fantastic demonstration of this band's immense talent.
4. Kardashev - Liminal Rite
My most played record from this year, it's got such a wonderfully haunting atmosphere to it.
5. Shadow Of Intent - Elegy
Stepped up the integration of symphonic elements into deathcore to a new level, it's such a well-composed synthesis that's backed up with some banging songs.
6. An Abstract Illusion - Woe
An admirable progression from a solid debut record that nicely expands their musical breadth.
7. Panzerfaust - The Suns Of Perdition - Chapter III: The Astral Drain
Another step towards post-metal, and one that works excellently for them.
8. Rolo Tomassi - Where Myth Becomes Memory
It's not another Time Will Die..., but it never was going to be; it's still an excellent addition to their discography.
9. Elder - Innate Passage
The vocals are improved, and these are yet more delectable proggy stoner/psychedelic jams.
10. Playgrounded - The Death Of Death
A new name for me in the prog/post-metal sphere, and another demonstration of why this sphere of music is so compelling - terrible band/album names though.
11. Hath - All That Was Promised
An able stand-in for Slugdge while waiting for that band to eventually return.
12. Wake - Thought Form Descent
The grindcore days move further away in the rear view mirror; Wake are fully prog now, and all the better for it.
13. Conjurer - Páthos
An impressive expansion of the pulverizing gemitsch of sounds on the debut, bringing in some well integrated melodic touches to great effect.
14. Amorphis - Halo
Probably their least remarkable record since The Beginning Of Times, but even Amorphis on autopilot is incredibly infectious for me.
15. Pure Reason Revolution - Above Cirrus
Lacks the highest moments of Eupnea, but confirms the comeback of PRR as an unmitigated success.
16. Path Of Might - Deep Chrome
Prog-post-stoner-sludge-doom-etc blend of sounds that comes together excellently.
17. Kurokuma - Born Of Obsidian
Great groovy repetition-based sludge-doom debut, one that goes a good way to replicating the immense live experience these guys deliver.
18. Mathan - Darkroot Tzantza
I love the way that tribal percussion is integrated into this record.
19. Allegaeon - Damnum
Really pushing the melodic inclinations here works great, with some fantastic clean vocal hooks lightening up the record.
20. Humanotone - A Flourishing Fall In A Grain Of Sand
Has Elder's problem in terms of rough vocals, but also has Elder's charm of making great long-form stoner/psych jam ventures that work so well.
21. Ode And Elegy - Ode And Elegy
A fascinating concept realized with aplomb.
22. Fallujah - Empyrean
So great to hear Fallujah doing Fallujah things again after the huge disappointment of Undying Light, and they don't sound like they've missed a beat here.
23. Cult Of Luna - The Long Road North
Not the band's best by any stretch of the imaginatino, but even below-par Cult Of Luna is a great experience for me.
24. Ott - Heads
I really wish I had space for more non-metal on this list, but there's just been too much metal that I've enjoyed; Ott brought the goods though with the psybient mellowness here.
25. Backxwash - His Happiness Shall Come First Even Though We Are Suffering
The most hip-hop of the trilogy of albums, and yet probably the best; I don't really like hip-hop, but Backxwash is the exception that proves the rule; such a cracking run of albums she's on.

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28.12.2022 - 09:23
A Nice Guy
Some impressive albums here I must say
13.01.2023 - 18:12
I think I need to listen to that Psychonaut album. They only have two full lengths and if I recall correctly both were your AOTY
13.01.2023 - 19:02

Written by Zap on 13.01.2023 at 18:12

I think I need to listen to that Psychonaut album. They only have two full lengths and if I recall correctly both were your AOTY

They were indeed; what can I say, Belgians know how to make metal
17.01.2023 - 11:08
Written by musclassia on 13.01.2023 at 19:02

They were indeed; what can I say, Belgians know how to make metal

The scene has definitely come a long way from Channel Zero being the only Belgian metal band most people outside of metal circles could name.

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