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My Top Albums - 2024

1.Borknagar - Fall
2.Alcest - Les Chants De L'Aurore
3.Wormwood - The Star
4.Ulcerate - Cutting The Throat Of God
5.Dödsrit - Nocturnal Will

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Created by javierel22 on 19.07.2024

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Best Of May 2024

Another great list. Half year is over huh…

1.SIG:AR:TYR - Citadel Of Stars
2.Cloven Hoof - Heathen Cross
3.Árstíðir Lífsins - Aldrlok
4.Evildead - Toxic Grace
5.Horn - Daudswiärk

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Created by Bad English on 03.06.2024

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Journey Through 2024

This is my list of newly released Albums that I listened/will listen to in 2024. I hope that I have the motivation to finally complete it this year and not stop halfway through.
The records are presented…

1.Insade - Human Obsession
2.Hauntologist - Hollow
3.Magnum - Here Comes The Rain
4.Scanner - The Cosmic Race
5.Santacreu - Cançons D'amor, Dol I Enyorança

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Created by pandrstudios on 27.05.2024

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2024 Albums List

Another year, another list. Every 2024 release I hear at least once in entirety will be featured here. This is not a best-of nor a ranking so albums will be displayed in chronological order (newest at…

1.Lamašhtu - Längtan
2.Seth - La France Des Maudits
3.Akhlys - House Of The Black Geminus
4.Nyktophobia - To The Stars
5.Octoploid - Beyond The Aeons

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Created by Dbh 20 on 05.03.2024

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1.Vitriol - Suffer & Become
2.Borknagar - Fall
3.Sear Bliss - Heavenly Down
4.Evergrey - Theories Of Emptiness
5.Vanden Plas - The Empyrean Equation Of The Long Lost Things

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Created by DarkWingedSoul on 21.01.2024

Best 2024

1.Saxon - Hell, Fire And Damnation
2.Caligula's Horse - Charcoal Grace
3.Ihsahn - Ihsahn
4.Manticora - Mycelium
5.Syncatto - Fiction

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Created by Depth land on 19.01.2024


1.Judas Priest - Invincible Shield
2.Bruce Dickinson - The Mandrake Project
3.Kerry King - From Hell I Rise
4.Orden Ogan - The Order Of Fear
5.Evergrey - Theories Of Emptiness

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Created by twisted_johnz on 16.01.2024

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1.The Warning - Keep Me Fed
2.Bruce Dickinson - The Mandrake Project
3.The Mourning - Hush
4.For All We Know - By Design Or By Disaster
5.Sonata Arctica - Clear Cold Beyond

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Created by Byners on 15.01.2024

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1.In Vain - Solemn
2.Borknagar - Fall
3.Aquilus - Bellum II
4.Ihsahn - Ihsahn
5.Necrophobic - In The Twilight Grey

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Created by IllusiveCamel🐪 on 11.01.2024

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Top 50 Albums of 2024

Greetings my fellow metalheads, and happy new year to you all!

A new year, a new list. 2023 was one hell of a year concerning metal and rock records, and with upcoming releases scheduled so far 2024…

1.Wormwood - The Star
2.Chapel Of Disease - Echoes Of Light
3.Octoploid - Beyond The Aeons
4.Judas Priest - Invincible Shield
5.Khirki - Κ​υ​κ​ε​ώ​ν​α​ς

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Created by ChrisWinther94 on 06.01.2024

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My Fav Albums And Eps Of 2024

1.Canaan - Ai Margini
2.Obsidian ( U.S.) - Fathomless ( progressive death metal / djent ) - 8
3.Darkcluster - Stellar Tomb - 7
4.Hauntologist - Hollow
5.Slift - Ilion

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Created by Khold Baroness on 04.01.2024

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My Favorite Albums 2024

I doubt I’ll get to half the releases of last year due to changes in my work but I’ll find some good stuff

Here’s a playlist with my favorite songs, max 2 songs per album: Best Songs of 2024…

1.Suldusk - Anthesis
2.Maruja - Connla’s Well
3.Sgàile - Traverse The Bealach
4.Couch Slut - You Could Do It Tonight
5.Julie Christmas - Ridiculous And Full Of Blood

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Created by Vellichor on 03.01.2024

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2024: Jan-Jun

Hoping to not beat last year's total albums, but to still find the good stuff this year.

1.Vulgaris - Seat Of The Fire
2.Dvne - Voidkind
3.Persefone - Lingua Ignota: Part I
4.Eternal Storm - A Giant Bound To Fall
5.Horseburner - Voice Of Storms

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Created by musclassia on 03.01.2024

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1.Manticora - Mycelium
2.Caligula's Horse - Charcoal Grace
3.Striker - Ultrapower
4.Ihsahn - Ihsahn
5.Borknagar - Fall

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Created by robpal on 31.10.2023