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Journey Through 2024

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This is my list of newly released Albums that I listened/will listen to in 2024. I hope that I have the motivation to finally complete it this year and not stop halfway through.
The records are presented in order of release date and I will rate them when I´m certain that I formed an opinion on them, though the ratings might change from time to time.
I hope this list might once again be inspiring to other users maybe some people will find some new music to listen to.
Let´s see if I have the motivation to finally complete it this year and not stop halfway through.

Created by: pandrstudios | 27.05.2024

1. Insade - Human Obsession
7/10 Starting the year off with a very decent, grimy, raw death metal offering. A running time that stops things from getting boring and brutal riffs that totally hit for me.
2. Hauntologist - Hollow
8.5/10 Even though you cannot deny the Mgla influence, I find the atmosphere and songwriting very intruigung and somewhat unique. Essentially a really strong debut that might rank as one of the years best.
3. Magnum - Here Comes The Rain
8/10 Maybe I´m a bit biased here, but to see one of my favorite hard rock bands end this tragically was just horrible. After a career of 50 years, the band released another strong, though a bit mellow, body of work. Bob Catley delivers his strongest vocals in years and the genius of Tony Clarkin can be heard throughout. Despite the abrupt goodbye, I can say they went out with a bang.
4. Scanner - The Cosmic Race
6/10 Man, I expected more from this. One of the most underrated 80s metal bands and live they are still a force to be reckoned with. The new album however doesn´t have much standout moments. Of course it´s still a decent record for a band of this age, but not nearly as good as I hoped after their last release, which I highly recommend.
5. Santacreu - Cançons D'amor, Dol I Enyorança
7/10 Beautiful album covers like this one still manage to catch me, damn. Despite of different experiences in the past, there is actually a good album behind this cover. Slow, dragging doom metal that just crushes you with the melodies. This one suffers the fate of many doom-/post-metal releases for me: being too long and not varied enough. But still worth the time if you are in the right mood.
6. Dark Oath - Ages Of Man
6.5/10 Yeah, the sound this band has is really great but in the songwriting department I don´t see very much variety. After a few songs I wasn´t sure if the album started all over again. In my opinion a wasted opportunity.
7. Vemod - The Deepening
9/10 After 12 fucking years this band returns with a sophomore release and I couldn´t be more happier with it. I hold the debut very close to my heart, as it was one of my first black metal albums I bought. Nice to see that they evolved a bit but still managed to keep the atmosphere.
8. Saxon - Hell, Fire And Damnation
8/10 One week after Magnum, another legends gives us the honors. Their previous effort was a superior to me when it came to individual songs, but the concept and the album as whole grew on me considerably. It´s just unfair how good this band still is after such a lengthy carreer.
9. Malist - Of Scorched Earth
7/10 Not his best effort, but a big step up from the predecessor. Quality songwriting and vocals that get the job done.
10. Sgàile - Traverse The Bealach
9.5/10 Yeah, well I am sold. This is just epic and despite the criticism I read about the vocals, I think they are the best part. Really outstanding, this will definetly make my AOTY list.
11. Necrotum - Defleshed Exhumation
5/10 Well, no. This looked like an easy, fun time but I was shocked how boooooring this thing is. A few standout moments, but man, production is bad, weak vocals, what else can I say.
12. Blood Red Throne - Nonagon
8/10 There are a few certain bands in my opinion, that are just incapable of making a bad record. BRT are one of them, I am not dissapointed. Till we meet again, my friends.
13. Lucifer - Lucifer V
6.5/10 The Sabbath/generic 70s rock worship continues, in other words, heard it a thousand times before. Not bad by design, just nothing that makes me jump out of my seat.
14. Knoll - As Spoken
7.5/10 If Full of Hell dialed the black metal to 11. Short and straight thorugh your brain but melodic enough to keep me interested. Great effort, really.
15. Manticora - Mycelium
16. Vitriol - Suffer & Become
8.5/10 Wow, this gives me strong Anaal Nathrakh vibes in combination with brutal technical death metal. That was a great listen and I have to say my favorite death metal record of the year so far.
17. Caligula's Horse - Charcoal Grace
18. Olhava - Sacrifice
19. Inquisition - Veneration Of Medieval Mysticism And Cosmological Violence
20. Necrowretch - Swords Of Dajjal
21. Enterprise Earth - Death: An Anthology
22. Striker - Ultrapower
23. Chelsea Wolfe - She Reaches Out To She Reaches Out To She
24. Chapel Of Disease - Echoes Of Light
25. Spectral Voice - Sparagmos
26. The Obsessed - Gilded Sorrow
27. Eternal Storm - A Giant Bound To Fall
28. Ihsahn - Ihsahn
29. Darkspace - Dark Space -II
30. Pestilength - Solar Clorex
31. Dust Bolt - Sound & Fury
32. Job For A Cowboy - Moon Healer
33. Darkest Hour - Perpetual / Terminal
34. Iron Curtain - Savage Dawn
35. Borknagar - Fall
36. Traveler - Prequel To Madness
37. Fange - Perdition
38. Counting Hours - The Wishing Tomb
39. Firewind - Stand United
40. Suicidal Angels - Profane Prayer
41. Bruce Dickinson - The Mandrake Project
42. Volcandra - The Way Of Ancients
43. Haunt - Dreamers
44. Einvigi - Monokroma
45. Judas Priest - Invincible Shield
46. Ecclesia - Ecclesia Militans
47. Skeletal Remains - Fragments Of The Ageless
48. Slimelord - Chytridiomycosis Relinquished
49. Midnight - Hellish Expectations
7/10 EXPECT TOTAL HELL! The shortest Midnight album to date is another raw collection of bangers that can be moshed to when you are drunk as fuck. Nothing stands out, but the short tracks make up for it.
50. Early Moods - A Sinner's Past
8.5/10 Hey Lucifer, that is how you do 70s metal worship right. Amazing vocals, catchy songwriting and a sound that teleports you 50 years back in time.
51. Hercules - Against New World Order
2/10 The doesn´t stop. Please someone interview this guy, I wanna know how this happened.
52. Necrophobic - In The Twilight Grey
54. Lords Of Black - Mechanics Of Predacity
7/10 Still delivering the goods but the material presented here is not as hard hitting as their first three albums. This is how the Dio Lineup of Rainbow would sound in the present day.
55. Atrophy - Asylum
8/10 We´ve seen a lot of dissapointing comebacks from 80s thrash bands that did not get their deserved share of fame, and I did not expect much from Athrophy here. How? How is this so fucking good? Yes, you can here that some time has passed since their last release but they sound energized and are staying true with the songwriting. What more can you ask for?
56. Sacrificial Vein - Black Terror Genesis
8/10 This is just vile chaos...and I love it. I haven´t heard such raw and untamed metal that works so well in a long time.
57. Critical Defiance - The Search Won't Fall
58. Dödsrit - Nocturnal Will
59. Brodequin - Harbinger Of Woe
60. Hideous Divinity - Unextinct
61. Apparition (USA) - Disgraced Emanations From A Tranquil State
62. Hamferð - Men Gu​ð​s Hond Er Sterk
63. Severoth - By The Way Of Light
64. Rage - Afterlifelines
7/10 It´s just crazy how many records this band has put out over the years. The output rate has slowed down since Smolski left, but with how many difficulties the band has faced since then, it´s just astounding how fresh and energized they still sound. Peavy, the only original member, sounds a bit out of tune in some passages, but that´s about all I can really complain about. I did not expect a Rage double-album to be this solid.
65. Cantique Lépreux - Le Bannissement
66. Darkestrah - Nomad
67. Mütiilation - Black Metal Cult
68. Boundaries - Death Is Little More
8/10 WOW, okay now we are talking! This style of metalcore is something you don´t hear often anymore. The "no bullshit" 2000s metalcore approach with occasional clean vocals make for a dark and heavy, although a bit one-dimensional, experience. Still, this band is one of my favorites in the genre now.
69. Attic - Return Of The Witchfinder
70. Ingested - The Tide Of Death And Fractured Dreams
71. Cistvaen - At Light's Demise
72. Austere - Beneath The Threshold
73. Witch Vomit - Funeral Sanctum
74. Belore - Eastern Tales
75. Erra - Cure
76. Sagenbringer - Zeit Der Geschichten
77. Labyrinthus Stellarum - Vortex Of The Worlds
78. Týr - Battle Ballads
79. Vulture - Sentinels
80. Necrot - Lifeless Birth
81. Sarcasm - Mourninghoul
82. Khirki - Κ​υ​κ​ε​ώ​ν​α​ς
83. Imminence - The Black
84. Blazing Eternity - A Certain End Of Everything
85. In Vain - Solemn
86. My Dying Bride - A Mortal Binding
87. Selbst - Despondency Chord Progressions
88. High On Fire - Cometh The Storm
89. Antichrist Siege Machine - Vengeance Of Eternal Fire
90. Vanden Plas - The Empyrean Equation Of The Long Lost Things
91. Fractal Gates - One With Dawn
92. Walg - IV
93. Deicide - Banished By Sin
94. Accept - Humanoid
95. Disbelief - Killing Karma
96. Morgul Blade - Heavy Metal Wraiths
97. Full Of Hell - Coagulated Bliss
98. Darkthrone - It Beckons Us All......
99. Draugnim - Verum Malum
100. Aquilus - Bellum II
101. Terminal Nation - Echoes Of The Devil's Den
102. Warlord - Free Spirit Soar
103. Unleash The Archers - Phantoma
104. Dødsferd - Wrath
105. Knocked Loose - You Won't Go Before You're Supposed To
106. Botanist - Paleobotany
107. Gatecreeper - Dark Superstition
108. Pathology - Unholy Descent
109. Demon - Invincible
110. Icy Steel - The Wait, The Choice And The Bravery
111. Vredehammer - God Slayer
112. Lucifuge - Hexensabbat
113. Bring Me The Horizon - Post Human: Nex Gen

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