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Varathron - His Majesty At The Swamp

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Release date: 1993
Style: Black metal


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Disc I
01. His Majesty At The Swamp
02. Son Of The Moon (Act II)
03. Unholy Funeral
04. Lustful Father
05. Nightly Kingdoms
06. Flowers Of My Youth
07. The River Of My Souls
08. The Tressrising Of Nyarlathothep (Act I)
09. The Grim Palace

Disc II [2004 reissue bonus]

01. Tleilaxu (The Unborn Child)
02. Cassiopeia´s Ode
03. The Dark Hills
04. Mestigoth
05. Birthrise Of The Graven Image
06. Redeunt Saturnia Regna
07. Under The Sight Of Horus
08. Somewhere Beyond Seas
09. Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

[The Lament Of Gods]
10. Fire Spell / Forbidden Lust
11. Warrior's Nightmare
12. The World Through Ancient Eyes
13. Beyond The Grave
14. Nuns Have No Fun [Mercyful Fate cover]

Additional info
Originally released via Cyber Records in 1993.

Re-released on vinyl via by Molon Lave Records/Soundphaze Records in 1995.

Reissued in '04 via Mutilation Records in as a double CD. It comes with Walpurgisnacht and The Lament Of Gods.

Also re-issued by Pagan Records in January 2001 with a different cover.

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During the early '90s, a new genre of metal was beginning to develop - we know it as the second wave of black metal - and the Norwegian black metal scene was leading the way with bands, such as Darkthrone , Burzum, Immortal, Emperor and Mayhem, who were all amongst the most popular. However, during this time, Greece was also contributing to this second wave, most notably the band Rotting Christ, with their debut Thy Mighty Contract. At the same time, Varathron, who have always remained in their shadow, also released their debut, His Majesty At The Swamp, which is widely less known.

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