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Country: USA
Label: Neurot Recordings

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Formed in: 1985
Hiatus: 2019-present

1990-2004Atmospheric sludge metal
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1985-  Jason Roeder - drums
1985-  Dave Edwardson - bass
1989-  Steve Von Till - guitars, vocals
1996-  Noah Landis - keyboards
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1985-2019  Scott Kelly - guitars, vocals
1987-1989  Chad Salter - guitar
1987-1991  Jason James - drums
1990-1993  Adam G. Kendall - visuals
1990-1994  Simon McIlroy - keyboards
1994-2000  Pete Inc. - visuals
2000-2012  Josh Graham - visuals
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1992-2009  Kris Force - violin
2003  Jarboe - vocals

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To pass judgement on a band such as Neurosis can be a tough call but that's normal when we are talking about a band that helped shape up one of the most successful metal styles around and are renowned for being extremely consistent throughout their entire discography. 5 long years passed since Given To The Rising (my first contact with the band and a personal favorite) and the expectations were obviously high among most of the fans. The question is: Did they live up to them? Yes and no... But mostly no.
Review by X-Ray Rod ››
Although trying to generalize the output of this very accomplished band is a somewhat dangerous practice, I shall have a go anyway. The way I see it, Neurosis releases two kinds of albums. Albums like "Through Silver In Blood" as well as the...
Review by jupitreas ››

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