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2000-  Shawter - vocals
2017-  Richard de Mello - guitars
2021-  Kawa Koshigero - bass
2021-  Theo - drums
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1999-2002  S.T. - guitars
2000-2012  Izakar - guitars
2000-2016  Franky Costanza - drums
2000-2020  Werther Ytier - bass
2012-2016  Z - guitars
2016-2017  Jean-Lau Ducroiset - guitars
2016-2021  Nicolas Bastos - drums
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2006  ICS Vortex - vocals

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The French mechanical groovy bestiary Dagoba hail once again with a new album two years after its predecessor. Poseidon arises from the depths of the ocean with a like-driven expressive cover artwork blending well with the God of the sea that breathes...
Review by KwonVerge ››
This is the debut EP for this young promising band from Marseille (South France). Dagoba plays a violent thrash-metal inspired by good old bands like Fear Factory and Meshuggah. The first thing to be noticed, even before listening to it, is the care exercised...
Review by Deadsoulman ››

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