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1998-  Roger "Rogga" Johansson - guitars, vocals
2000-2009  Matthias "Matte" Fiebig - drums
› 2013-  -//-
2014-  Martin Klasén - bass
2016-  Kjetil Lynghaug - guitars
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1998  Jocke Diener - bass
1998-2000  Jocke Ringdahl - drums
› 2010-2013  -//-
1998-2004  Oskar Nilsson - bass
1998-2005  Andreas "Dea" Carlsson - guitars
› 2009-2013  -//-
2004-2011  Patrik Halvarsson-Myrén - bass
2011-2012  Anders Brisheim - bass
2012-2013  Dennis Blomberg - bass
› 2013-2015  -//- guitars
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1999  Simon Lundin - keyboards
2001  Fredrik "Fregge" Pettersson - guitars
2009  Brynjar Hoff Helgetun - drums
2016  Eric Cutler - guitar solo
2022  Karl Willetts - vocals


Latest reviews

Insert disc. Press play. Get blown away. "Your Suffering Will Be Legendary".
Review by nikarg ››
This name is in fact familiar to many people right? "Paganizer", at least in the Death Metal genre this band is really popular and strong; so, they released a "Best of" compilation this year, for the fans and for the people who do...
Review by Herzebeth ››
Another year passed by, and Paganizer released another album, my last encounter with the band was not bad at all, but wasn't memorable.
Paganizer plays Old School Death Metal, with some Thrash elements here and there, but basically plays Old School...
Review by Undercraft ››
A release for the lovers of those old school Swedish Death Metal bands like Grave, Nihilist, Edge Of Sanity, God Macabre and others.
What Paganizer offer us here is the basic Swedish formula, that is of course, a bit of aggression, with a bit of melody,...
Review by Undercraft ››

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