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Spirit Adrift


2015-  Nate Garrett - all instruments, vocals
2022-  Sonny DeCarlo - bass
2022-  Tom Draper - guitars
2022-  Michael "Mike" Arellano - drums
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2017-2021  Marcus Bryant - drums
2019-2020  Eric Wagner - guitars
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2016-  Jeff Owens - guitars, vocals
2016-  Marcus Bryant - drums
2016-  Chase H. Mason - bass
2020-2022  Sonny DeCarlo - bass

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The heavy metal spirit certainly hasn't drifted away for Spirit Adrift just yet. In fact, their spirit from the Ghost At The Gallows remains as strong as ever.
Review by AndyMetalFreak ››
So Spirit Adrift abandoned much of their doom sound in their third album, Divided By Darkness. Was it worth it though?
Review by nikarg ››

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