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Stefan Dittrich


1999 Karkadan - drums  
2001-2005 Saidian - drums  
2008-2009 Mystic Prophecy - drums  
2009- Illuminate - drums  
2010- Astronomikon - drums  

Studio musician

2010- Ihresgleichen - keys/ programmings  
2011- Arrayan Path - drums  
2011- Arryan Path - drums  

Personal information

Born on: 27.03.1981

Official website

Stefan Dittrich was born on March, 27th 1981 near Stuttgart/ Germany.
He started taking piano lessons at the age of 10. But soon he discovered his love for the drumset. Unfortunately he didn't have enough money to buy a "real" drumkit so he had to find a more or less useful alternative in form of an "drumset made of garbage pails covered with plastic foil". Thanks to his Grandma he was able to buy his first kit in 1994.

Since then he played with many national and international artists like the German/Greek Power Metal band Mystic Prophecy, whose last album "Fireangel" entered the German Billboard charts, the German Melodic Metal band Saidian and many more.
Stefan can look back on a considerable amount of gigs and tours worldwide including some of the biggest festivals. Besides that, he's working as a session drummer and drum teacher. He can be heard on more than 20 albums in different styles of music.

At this time he is playing with the German Gothic/Dark Wave veterans Illuminate, which are currently working on the material for their new studio album, and he's the studio drummer of the Cypriot Epic Metal band Arryan Path (not to be mistaken with the word "Aryan"?Arryan is some kind of flower)

Stefan is playing Murat Diril Cymbals, Silverfox Drumsticks and Audéo In-Ear Monitoring