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Iwein Denayer


2012- Humanity Defiled - everything  

Guest musician

2020 Déhà - vocals (choir)  

Personal information

Born on: 26.03.1976

Iwein Denayer grew up listening to the Deep Purple records of his dad.
Soon, it all spiraled out of control when he was 13 and started listening to thrash and death metal bands. Later on, he found sanctuary in the Belgian (straightedge) hardcore scene.
He spent his entire youth rehearsing and playing shows in different bands, ranging from oldschool hardcore over metalcore to grindcore and death metal.
Pivotal moment was the exploding desire to create something, exclusively coming from himself. Doodsangst and Humanity Defiled were born. With these solo-projects, he went on to generate some hefty and creative black metal and death metal. Critics (Decibel Magazine, Chronicles Of Chaos , YourLastRites, ?) were unanimously praising the albums he made under the Humanity Defiled moniker.