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Funny Stuff IV: A New Hope 1000
Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) 57
Football/Soccer 1000
2022 FIFA World Cup 19
Big Cities Vs Small Towns vs Country Side 14
Rugby Union 61
Space 37
Would You Accept 1 Million Dollars To Give Up Love? 408
When do you find time to listen to music? 56
Current affairs 103
Biker Gangs 107
Things that piss you off 1000
The Joke Thread (the sequel) 950
Second Hand clothing stores 28
Meditation 45
Swimming 39
Elder People And Attitude Towards Them 10
What fragrance do you wear? 58
Do you work out, and why? 610
Military Service 19
Beard vs Clean Shaved Face 418
Linux 48
Your Clothing Style(read first post) 282
Heaven 29
Cryptocurrencies ฿, Ł 9
Fear - disscuss this! 2
Who smokes Marijuana/Cannabis? 794
Investing and Trading 29
Basketball/Handball/Volleyball and other indoor games! 191
Alcohol 615