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Also known as Abyssic Dreams (1997-2012)

Country: Norway
Label: Osmose Productions

Links: Official Website

Formed in: 1997

1997- Death doom metal
1997- Symphonic death metal


1997-  Elvorn - guitars
1997-  André Aaslie - keyboards, orchestrations
1997-2016  Memnoch - vocals, bass, contrabass
› 2016-  -//- vocals, contrabass
2016-  Makhashanah - bass, vocals
2017-  Tjodalv - drums
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1997-2016  Athera - drums
2012-2017  Asgeir Mickelson - drums, guitars
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2017-2019  Tjodalv - drums
2019-  Carl Engstrøm - drums

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Brought Forth In Iniquity is the third release by the Norwegian death-doom act Abyssic. Unfortunately, in recent years, I've found death-doom to be an increasingly stale genre, with the same slow-to-mid-tempo-ranged riffs, the typical death growling, and the usual crushingly heavy tone. Abyssic's Brought Forth In Iniquity seems to be an exception for me in this matter; let me explain to you why.   Review by AndyMetalFreak ››