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2006-  Rowan Roodbaert - bass
2015-  Koen Vuurdichter - guitars
2016-  Jacco Bühnebeest - vocals
2020-  Mat van Baest - guitars
2022-  Daniël Wansink - vocals
2022-  Kevin van den Heiligenberg - drums
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2002-2005  Niels Beenkerver - guitars
2002-2005  Jesse Vuerbaert - vocals
2002-2006  Paul Braadvraat - bass
2002-2011  Sebastiaan "Sebas Bloeddorst" van Eldik - guitars
2002-2013  Joris Boghtdrincker - vocals
2002-2022  Joost Vellenknotscher - drums
2005-2015  Mark Splintervuyscht - vocals
2005-2015  Reamon Bomenbreker - guitars
2007-2008  Stefanie Speervrouw - violin
2012-2015  Kevin Vruchtbaert - guitars
2013-2020  Lars Nachtbraecker - vocals
2016-2018  Kevin Storm - guitars
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2015  Koen Romeijn - guitars
2015-2016  Jacco Bühnebeest - vocals
2015-2016  Kevin Storm - guitars
2019-2020  Mat van Baest - guitars
2019-2022  Kevin van den Heiligenberg - drums
2020  Joris Van Gelre - vocals
2005  Rowan Middelwijk - choirs vocals
2018  Nemtheanga - additional vocals
2023  Fabienne Kirschke - flute

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I had Heidevolk on a downward slide when I reviewed Velua in 2015, and the lineup changes that preceded the album only continued in its aftermath; Vuur Van Verzet debuts a new guitarist and is the third album in a row to feature a different vocal team from its predecessor. Given the sudden shift in personnel, overall decline in quality, and the rather lackluster single "Ontwaakt," it seemed that Heidevolk was going to sputter out of existence. Against all odds, Vuur Van Verzet is a sound success for Heidevolk.
Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››
Though co-lead vocalist Joris Boghtdrincker departed from Heidevolk a couple of years ago, they could not in good conscience abandon their trademark vocal harmonies, and so the barrel-chested tag-team remains intact with the new addition of Lars Vogel. At least their signature sound hasn't changed with the line-up, but Velua is a very slow starter.
Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››
Some albums can strike you as excellent examples of the genre with which they are labelled, the music contained within sounding exactly as one would desire and clutching closely onto the crux of said genre. On the other hand some give you a clear indication...
Review by R'Vannith ››

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