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1996-  Tom S Englund - vocals, guitars
2000-2010  Henrik Danhage - guitars
› 2014-  -//-
2002-  Rikard Zander - keyboard
2003-2010  Jonas Ekdahl - drums
› 2014-  -//-
2010-  Johan Niemann - bass
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1996-1998  Will Chandra - keyboard
1996-1999  Daniel Nöjd - bass, vocals
1996-2000  Dan Bronel - guitars
1996-2003  Patrick Carlsson - drums
1999-2001  Sven Karlsson - keyboards
1999-2006  Michael Håkansson - bass
2006-2007  Fredrik Larsson - bass
2007-2010  Jari Kainulainen - bass
2010-2013  Marcus Jidell - guitars
2010-2013  Hannes Van Dahl - drums
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1996-  Carina Englund - vocals
1998  Mattias "IA" Eklundh - guitars
1998-2002  Andy LaRocque - guitars
2011  Salina Englund - vocals
2014  Mina Giannopoulou - narration
2016  Floor Jansen - vocals
2021  James LaBrie - vocals


Latest reviews

The last time that Evergrey had this short a gap between records, they followed up Recreation Day with The Inner Circle, so omens are good for A Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament).
Review by musclassia ››
At this point Evergrey appear to be in a comfort zone where they are unable to produce a mediocre album. Are they capable of releasing a grand album though?
Review by nikarg ››
The musicians of Evergrey have had a tumultuous and hard-fought career, and even though the band has had many talented members, the current lineup is being rightfully regarded as their best. Following the triumphant combined returns of Henrik Danhage and Jonas Ekdahl in 2014, the album Hymns for the Broken set the new standard for the band. 2016 sees their new offering come to life through AFM Records, bearing the title The Storm Within. So?

So, circle the calendar. The dark poets of progressive power metal have struck gold again.
Review by Dream Taster ››
As a band seemingly at the brink of defeat and dissolution, Evergrey have returned with surprising resolve on their latest record, and, with themes of revolution in mind, Hymns For The Broken resounds with renewed inspiration and restored integrity.
Review by R'Vannith ››
Some people might've thought this album would be a disaster, after the departure of two of the band members who participated on some of the best albums of the band. Have they lost their spark? Is it all coming to an abrupt end? Well, the album isn't...
Review by BloodTears ››

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