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Gore, Bloody Gore
by destroyah

Vile, sexy and thoroughly enjoyable, this comic takes a very different direction from Headbanged. Follow, if you dare!

    'Ecstasy of Bee' animation

16.12.2009 -  Special Christmas
09.06.2009 -  Acid Bloody Gore
04.06.2009 -  Gorecafé
01.06.2009 -  Polo!
28.05.2009 -  The Corporate Machine
21.05.2009 -  With Satan and Victorious Weapons
18.05.2009 -  The Good, the Bad and the Charlie
14.05.2009 -  Mekong Delta 2
11.05.2009 -  Hit It While It's Hot
07.05.2009 -  Beautiful Science
04.05.2009 -  Gulinary Abortions
30.04.2009 -  Paws

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by CollisionInMind

Headbanged was the comic that started it all - and had a great 10-month run on Metal Storm before wrapping up in May 2005.

From gore to Satanism, death to desolation, there are many topics often associated with heavy metal, but not often does one take the time to think about how funny it can be. So stop moshing for just a few minutes, Headbanged will take you through the lives of eight young rockers as they fight their way through the metal life and the hilarity that ensues. It may not be grim, nor is it necro, but this comic is most definitely metal. So sit back, put your horns up, and prepare to be headbanged!

    Guest characters
    Personality test

09.06.2005 -  That's all, folks
04.05.2005 -  Something to Cry About
27.04.2005 -  At a Loss For Words
19.04.2005 -  Spiritual Healing with Fries
12.04.2005 -  Apocalypse Later (Thrash Now!)
05.04.2005 -  Still too Young to Fall in Love
29.03.2005 -  The New Guy pt 2
24.03.2005 -  The New Guy pt 1
15.03.2005 -  As the CD Spins
09.03.2005 -  Cold Rum
01.03.2005 -  Living Wet Dreams
22.02.2005 -  My Voicebox Goes Up To Eleven

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