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What makes an album perfect? One or many answers? 23
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Bands you used to dislike, but now like? 130
Bands with multiple 10/10 albums. 62
Bands like Dark Sanctuary? 18
New Album Recommendations 2022 2
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Name an album that you will never get tired of 77
What Made You Fall in Love With Metal? 5
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Discuss The Last Album You Acquired 1001
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Top 10 Ukrainian metal videos 1
Study shows heavy metal fans are "gentle and creative." 163
Metal Genres: Hate/Love 72
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Metal Songs Everyone Needs To Hear Once 9
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Rolling Stone's Top 100 Metal Albums of All Time 94
Metal albums (or songs) that remind you of science fiction? 23
When bands change their singer? 83
How long are you listening to metal? 450
Scary metal songs you have ever listened to ? 148
Most representative song from a band 3