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New Album Recommendations 2023 69
The Last Concert You Attended 953
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Discuss The Last Album You Acquired 1000
What Made You Fall in Love With Metal? 10
Metal love songs?? 72
Peaceful metal 3
Christian Metal bands that don't suck? 77
Only One Album 35
What do you listen to your music on? 67
Your metal journey and evolution 13
Which metal lyrics would you have written on your grave? 71
Do you like female vocalist in metal bands? 301
Spotify Playlists 79
Worst names for metal bands 464
Help for an intro 1
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Worst metal album you've ever heard 11
Scary metal songs you have ever listened to ? 152
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Help finding bands/songs names 11
What you listen when you are very pissed off. 246
Metal song about real vikings (not mythology) 5
Is the quality of metal really declining? Or are we getting harsher? 12
Covers that turned better than the original 16
When bands change their singer? 84
Study shows heavy metal fans are "gentle and creative." 163
Bands with no bad albums in their whole career 86
Second Album = Best Album? 10
The last concert you missed and why? 579