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Kreator - Extreme Aggression review

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Band: Kreator
Album: Extreme Aggression
Release date: June 1989

01. Extreme Aggression
02. No Reason To Exist
03. Love Us Or Hate Us
04. Stream Of Consciousness
05. Some Pain Will Last
06. Betrayer
07. Don't Trust
08. Bringer Of Torture
09. Fatal Energy

We South Americans are nor the luckiest people when it comes to metal, we don't have those big festivals, not all bands come to play here, and sometimes not all records get released here. This brings us to the point of this review, a little late but worthy, why a little late? Because South America can now rejoice by the release of a little jewel, Kreator's fourth album, "Extreme Aggression" yes, we got the release 15 years late to be exactly, but at least we got it, via Century Media Brazil.

I'm a big fan of Kreator, and I've listened this album many many times, I recall when I was a little boy I had it on tape, and until this day is my favorite Kreator album, is just a masterpiece, each riff, each song is excellent, there's no fillers in this album, a Thrash fest that I fear the band itself can't even match.

From the opener and title track "Extreme Aggression" you know you're in for the ride of your life, riff after riff the song goes pounding in your head like a machete, "No Reason To Exist" is another great song, the arrangements in this one are very simple, yet intriguing, they manage to create an awesome and catchy tune without loosing the edge.
"Love Us Or Hate us" is another great song, the chorus is great, and the riffing is insane too, "Some pain Will Last" begins very mysteriously, a small intro that sets things up for another excellent song, the chorus is one of the catchiest things I have ever heard, and it's not too melodic, it's just catchy, I remember I used to go to school singing that tuneah, good times. "Betrayer" is the violent song in the record, a speedy song that will make you unable to stay still, really.

One of the best things about Kreator is vocalist Mille Petrozza, his raspy voice is recognizable from miles ago, and definitively is the trademark of the band, sometimes when I hear him I can swear that he growls, his voice is so powerful that he can easily sing in a Death Metal band without modifying his voice a bit.

One thing that they could have done for this re-release is changing the cover art, is very poor and lacks any art direction, well, it was the eighties, the cover art didn't have so much importance as now, but it would have been nice to have this album with a nice cover, I guess some people prefer the old one for sentimental value

The best album of Kreator in my opinion, each song is fantastic, each riff is amazing, and the vocal delivery is out of this world, get it or the pain will last forever.

Written by Undercraft | 24.09.2004

Guest review by
Hermann Langke
Thrash metal originated in the Bay Area of California and many believed it to be an American phenomenon, which grew and spawned in the United States. American phenomenon it was but not just confined to the United States. It also found a very unlikely breeding ground in Germany. The German thrash movement was spearheaded by bands like Sodom, Tankard and Destruction and it was considered to be paler compared to its American counterparts but Kreator was different. The album in question is perhaps the best ever in the band's discography.

published 18.10.2009 | Comments (26)


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20.10.2008 - 16:17
Rating: 10
I don't know why there are no comments. Great review, it gives the reader the chance to know much about Kreator! That album IMO is the reason why Kreator are a greater band than Slayer. A bit, but IMO they are. I don't have to explain. Read the review. All are there..
Υou've sold your human essence to the cold world of dead and empty things... You're SOLD!
21.08.2009 - 19:53

I don't why, but it's the only kreator's album that I like, it's like a different band, idonno...
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17.10.2009 - 12:17
Rating: 10
Hermann Langke
Brahmastra Corps
Come on that's a kicking album.:metal:
10.03.2010 - 21:04
Rating: 10

This album is the best thrash metal album, by the best thrash metal band IMO. It's so good I get chills down my spine when I listen to it. It's at least the best album they recorded in the eighties and the three other albums they did in that decade were also masterpieces, so if you don't have it in your collection, you're not a real thrasher!!!!
10.12.2018 - 23:09
Rating: 6
Bad English
Tage Westerlund
Well about intri part, say thank you to internet, because today we can upload , download, YT, album, all is online. 80's kids had so such luxury as we have and I believe it will stay forever.
Life is to short for LOVE, there is many great things to do online !!!

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I better die, because I never will learn speek english, so I choose dieing
14.01.2021 - 11:34
Rating: 10

Written by Panterica on 21.08.2009 at 19:53

I don't why, but it's the only kreator's album that I like, it's like a different band, idonno...

Though i like other Kreator albums but none can match this beauty and i understand what you mean
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