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Tiamat - The Astral Sleep
31.12.2021 | Blackened Sumerian Doom/Death Metal

Here's a good New Year's resolution for you: listen to what the angels are whispering from far beyond, because they mean well with you. They want you to remember and rediscover an almost forgotten treasure, created long ago by an Ancient Entity. For thirty years, this dark and hidden gem framed by black, death and doom metal, has lain dormant, slumbering deep inside the Mountain Of Doom. But now it's time for you to heed the Sumerian Cry and to embark on The Southernmost Voyage, towards a Neo Aeon. Lady Temptress and her Dead Boys' Choir are already eagerly awaiting you there.

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Thumbs up: Dream Taster, RaduP, nikarg, Deadsoulman

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