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Favorite bands: Aephenemer, Amorphis, Avantasia, Blackguard, Cain's Offering, Children Of Bodom, Circle Of Dust, Dark Sarah, Demon Hunter, Duskmourn, Edge Of Sanity, Ensiferum, Evergrey, Galactic Cowboys, HammerFall, Helloween, In Flames, Insomnium, Judas Priest, Kalmah, Karkaos, King's X, Living Sacrifice, Mandrake, Mortification, Northern Ontario Black Metal Preservation Society, Project 86, Sabaton, Savior Machine, Sonata Arctica, Stratovarius, Stryper, Thrawsunblat, The Birthday Massacre, Theocracy, Turisas, Unleash The Archers, Voyager, Wintersun, Within Temptation, Woods Of Ypres, Pantokrator