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Seven Spires


2013-  Jack Kosto - guitars
2013-  Adrienne Cowan - vocals, keyboards
2015-  Peter Albert De Reyna - bass
2016-  Chris Dovas - drums
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2013-2014  Colin Frecknall - drums
2013-2014  Cindy Sparlin - keyboards
2013-2014  Jimmy Yu - guitars
2013-2014  J. P. Goldman - bass
2014-2015  Cameron Tidman - bass
2014-2015  Anthony Medaglia - drums
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2015-2016  Chris Dovas - drums
2017  Corvin Bahn - orchestration
2021  Roy Khan - vocals
2021  David Åkesson - choirs vocals

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Picture this: You are Seven Spires. You manage to be the a newer band that people care about in a God-forsaken genre that everybody* thought was pretty much dead. Do you: A) come up with a lean album that is all filler no killer and shows your best strengths; or B) come up with a 77 minute behemoth of an album that threads around being bloated?
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