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1987-2020  Harald "Harry" Busse - guitars
1990-1998  Sebastian Swart - bass
› 2011-2020  -//- guitars
2011-2020  Markus "Marc" Reincke - drums
2011-2020  Sotirios "Soti" Kelekidis - bass
2014-2020  Karsten Jäger - vocals
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1987-1998  Marc Grewe - bass, vocals
› 2011-2014  -//- vocals
1987-1998  Carsten Otterbach - guitars
1987-1998  Rüdiger Hennecke - drums
2011  Thilo Mellies - bass
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After Morgoth's 2014 Single God Is Evil blew me away, I didn't know what to expect from Ungod, especially since the band lost original fronter Marc Grewe right before the new album even got off the ground.
Review by D.T. Metal ››
Mor who? Right. Another death metal band who called it quits nearly two decades ago wants to take another stab at it. Do we really need this?
Review by D.T. Metal ››

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