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1993-2006  Alex Staropoli - keyboards
1993-2006  Luca Turilli - guitars
1995-2006  Fabio Lione - vocals
2003-2006  Patrice Guers - bass
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1993-1995  Cristiano Adacher - vocals
1993-1995  Roberto De Micheli - guitars
1993-1995  Andrea Furlan - bass
1993-1999  Daniele Carbonera - drums
1995-2001  Alessandro Lotta - bass
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2001  Previn Moore - backing vocals
2001  Oliver Hartmann - backing vocals
2002-2006  Dominique Leurquin - guitars
2006  Enrico Bertoni - bass
2000-2006  Dominique Leurquin - guitars
1997  Robert Hunecke-Rizzo - bass
1997  Paul Hendrick - theremin
1997  Sascha Paeth - bass
› 2002  -//- bass, guitars
1997-2002  Sir Jay Lansford - narration
1997-2004  Michael "Miro" Rodenberg - choirs vocals
2000  Brandon Lavigne - tin whistle
2000-2002  Thunderforce - drums
2001  Tobias Sammet - choirs vocals
2002  Herbie Langhans - choirs vocals
2004  Christopher Lee - narration, vocals

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It's a beautiful day, the sky is clear blue, the sun in shining and it's blowing just so much so it's perfect out there, a perfect Swedish summer (autumn) day, and when the mail came I got a package with an album, no other than the new...
Review by Malcolm ››
With this album, Rhapsody ends its first saga. The music has evolved through each chapter, and the last one is no exception. When I first read an interview of Luca, where he said there would be even more guitars than before, I feared the worst: I would...
Review by wrathchild ››
Third chapter of the Algalord Chronicles created by the founding fathers of the Italian band, Luca Turilli (guitars) & Alex Staropoli (keyboards), this album takes the music of Rhapsody to a more stereotypical extent: fast music, with the same way of...
Review by wrathchild ››

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