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Six Feet Under

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Also known as 6FU, SFU

Country: USA
Label: Metal Blade Records

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Formed in: 1993

1993- Death metal


1993-  Chris Barnes - vocals
2012-  Jeff Hughell - bass
2013-  Marco Pitruzzella - drums
2016-  Ray Suhy - guitars
2017-  Jack Owen - guitars
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1993-1998  Allen West - guitars
1993-2011  Terry Butler - bass
1995-2011  Greg Gall - drums
1998-2016  Steve Swanson - guitars
2011-2012  Rob Arnold - guitars
2011-2013  Kevin Talley - drums
2012-2013  Ola Englund - guitars
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2011-2012  Jari Laine - guitars
2011-2012  Ben Savage - guitars
2014-2015  Josh "Hallhammer" Hall - drums
2014-2015  Phil Hall - guitars, bass
2014-2015  Brandon Ellis - guitars
2011-2012  Matt DeVries - bass
2015  Victor Brandt - bass
2000  John Bush - additional vocals
2001  Ice-T - vocals
2015  Ray Suhy - guitar solo
2015  Rebecca Scammon - guitar solo
2016  Ray Alder - backing vocals

Latest reviews

You know what? It's not the worst album I've heard this month.
Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››
Chris Barnes ruins everything.
Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››
You all seemed to have no problem with me shitting on generic death metal acts before, this time around should be no different.
Review by Doc G. ››
While last year was more than impressive for the Death Metal scene, this one is just very mediocre, the rebirth of Angelcorpse was unispired, the Immolation CD is just another Immolation CD...and now this...

Can't anyone hear this band stole a Suffocation's...
Review by Herzebeth ››
Nowadays it seems like releasing compilation is some kind of dream the labels have, dream about earn big money of own and somebody else's artists.
But about 90% of all those compilations are crap; there are just a few that are really worth the money...
Review by Malcolm ››

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