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Country: Sweden
Label: Black Mark Production

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Formed in: 1983
Disbanded in: 2004

1983-1993First wave of black metal
1988-2004Viking black metal


1983-2004  Quorthon - all instruments, vocals
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1983-1984  Fredrick "Freddan" "Hanoi" - bass
1983-1984  Jonas Åkerlund - drums
1984-1986  Stefan Larsson - drums
1986-1987  Paul Pålle Lundberg - drums
1989-1991  Vvornth - drums
1989-1991  Kothaar - bass
1993  Björn Kristensen - vocals
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Exceptionally, this review will be special. This is not because I'm really lazy today, but because this new cd of the England label Peaceville, is a compilation of Black Metal produced by Mr Fenriz of Darkthrone. No rating, and no critics on the...
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Bathory, a legend among extreme metallers and especially Black metal fans, without doubt one of the most important bands in Black metal history. Period. "Bathory", "The Return", "Under The Sign Of The Black Mark" and "Hammerheart":...
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