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1998-  Skrymer - guitars
1998-  Trollhorn - guitars, keyboards
1998-  Tundra - bass
2003-  Routa - guitars
2005-  Virta - keyboards
2006-  Vreth - vocals
2014-  MörkÖ - drums
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1997-1998  Tomi Ullgrén - guitars
1997-2003  Katla - vocals
1997-2003  Somnium - guitars
1998-2014  Beast Dominator - drums
2003-2006  Ari Tapio Wilska - vocals
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2002  Tommy Åberg - vocals
2004-2005  Meiju Enho - keyboards
2013-2014  Brandon Ellis - guitars
2001  Jonne Järvelä - vocals
2002  Petri Eskelinen - vocals
2013  Olli Vänskä - violin
2013  Tom Käldström - saxophone
2013  Rickard Slotte - trombone, trumpet
2020  Mitja Harvilahti - backing vocals
2020  Janne Perttilä - backing vocals

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Every folk metal band by now has either fallen off, had a lukewarm phase, or they were never that big in the first place. Finntroll endured.
Review by RaduP ››
The trolls are back and have never sounded so comfortable in their own skin. Nifelvind is album number five, and once again shows another step in the direction of complete musical freedom. This is an album where chaos is summoned and fit into place to...
Review by Baz Anderson ››
Finnish folk metallers Finntroll have really gained in popularity recently with their last two albums and have really helped put Finnish extreme folk metal on the map. After the success of the last album, expectations for this album were high.

The album...
Review by Baz Anderson ››

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