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Video Games You're Playing 955
TV Series You're Watching 1001
Now reading (post your critics) 678
Best "so bad they're good" films? 39
Chess 40
Discuss Films You've Watched Recently (Spoilers Will Be Deleted) 1001
Discuss the worst movie you have seen 689
Midsommer Murders 36
Mayans MC 9
Discuss the last documentary movie you saw 122
The Best Horror Movies Of All Time 314
Anime 870
VTubers 2
Board/Table Games you play (non-video games thread) 74
Beavis and Butthead 81
Last Book You Read 145
South Park 187
Your Favourite Villain 114
Game Of Thrones 20
Song linking game 317
Sons Of Anarchy 38
Best Fallout game? 13
Naruto 118
Mind Fucking Movies 260
Best TV show theme song 46
Friedrich Nietzsche 23
IMDb Users 32
Hardcore - first ever film to be enterely filmed in first person view 13
Comics and Movies 51
Malazan Book of the Fallen 7