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1997-2023  Tim Aymar - vocals
1997-2023  Matt Johnsen - guitars
1997-2023  Chris Kerns - bass
1997-2023  Chris Black - drums
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NA  Keith Barnard - guitars
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2008  Eric Dixon - gong
2008  Chris Roy - gong
2012  James Goetz - drums
2003-2008  Jim Dofka - guitars
› 2012  -//-
› 2021  -//- guitar solo
2006  Chris Poland - guitars
2008  Mark Reale - guitars
2008  Mike Flyntz - guitars
2012  Mike Wead - guitars
2021  Daniel Mongrain - guitar solo

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The powers that aim to be - by no means bad, but there are other options...
Review by tominator ››
The riffs are good, the structure is smoothly digestible, and the vocals aren't horrendous. Bury The Light is a really well put together album. There's just something incredibly unmoving about it...
Review by Doc G. ››
Pharaoh is an American band of Power Metal. Don't worry this band doesn't play some kind of European boring Power Metal but it doesn't mean too that the combo, with their third album "Be Gone" will be able to surprise us. One...
Review by Jeff ››

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