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Chaos Echœs

21 fans
Also known as Chaos Echoes

Country: France
Labels: Nuclear War Now! Productions
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Formed in: 2011
Disbanded in: 2019

2011-2019Death doom metal
2011-2019Avantgarde metal


2011-2019  Stefan Thanneur - bass, vocals
2011-2019  Ilmar Marti Uibo - drums, vocals
2011-2019  Kalevi Uibo - guitars, vocals
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2011-2014  Etienne Testart - guitars, vocals
2015-2017  Fabien W. Furter - guitars, vocals
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Latest reviews

France's mesmerizing Chaos Echœs are now dead and gone, a bygone memory of the past decade. But with Remains, their legacy is solidified with a final swansong.
Review by Apothecary ››
Just one album of deconstructing death metal in 2018 wasn't enough for Chaos Ech?s; now they also enlisted a free jazz saxophonist.
Review by RaduP ››

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