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Stumbling Through 2022

Only including albums I've listened to the whole way through.

Created by: LifelikeAdvisor | 23.01.2022

1. Persefone - Metanoia
(9.10) [progressive melodeath] Basically all of it
2. Ode And Elegy - Ode And Elegy
(9.00) [chamber/post-metal/post-hardcore] Brilliantly beautiful and aggressive in ebs and flows throughout this near-one hour track.
3. Non Est Deus - Impious
(8.88) [black] Save Us; Fuck Your God; Flagellation; Christraping Polka; The Ascension
4. Confess - Revenge At All Costs
(8.82) [nu/thrash/metalcore] Based On A True Story...; EVIN; Phoenix Rises; Unfilial Son; Under Surveillance; Hegemony; Army Of Pigs!
5. Zeal & Ardor - Zeal & Ardor
(8.71) [avantgarde black] Run; Emersion; Bow; Church Burns; Götterdämmerung
6. Kuolemanlaakso - Kuusumu
(8.57) [death doom] Pimeys Laski; Surusta Meri Suolainen; Surun Sinfonia; Tulessakävelijä
7. Grand Harvest - Consummatum Est
(8.50) [death doom] For a debut, this is superb. Heavy emphasis on lyrical play and memorable melodies. Not the most original, but well executed nontheless.
8. Déhà - Decadanse
(8.50) [industrial black/avantgarde death] I Am The Dead
9. Wilderun - Epigone
(8.33) [progressive/symphonic] Woolgatherer, Passenger, Identifier, Distraction II
10. Once Upon A WInter - Void Moments Of Inertia
(7.67) [experimental post-rock] Interesting blend of various genres with post-rock foundations. Far End; Elegant Demise; Void Moments Of Intertia
11. Gloson - The Rift
(8.33) [post-metal/sludge] Impetus; Cerberus IV
12. Animals As Leaders - Parrhesia
(8.33) [progressive/djent/instrumental] Red Miso; Micro-Aggressions; Gordian Naught
13. Cult Of Luna - The Long Road North
(8.33) [post-metal/sludge] An Offering To The Wild; Into The Night; Blood Upon Stone
14. Archaic - The Endgame Protocol
(8.30) [thrash] The Truth; A Cold Embrace; From The Undying
15. Bloodywood - Rakshak
(8.30) [alternative/folk] Gaddar; Dana-Dan; BSDK.exe
16. Mountaineer - Giving Up The Ghost
(8.29) [post-metal/doom] When The Soul Sleeps
17. Amorphis - Halo
(8.18) [folk/progressive/melodeath] Northwards; Seven Roads Come Together; War; Halo
18. Violet Cold - Səni Uzaq Kainatlarda Axtarıram
(8.17) [shoegaze] Shoegaze Rave; Immersive Collapse; Artificial Love; Demise
19. A Pale December - Death Panacea
(8.17) [atmospheric black] Atoning Monuments; Nethermost
20. Pure Wrath - Hymn To The Woeful Hearts
(8.17) [atmospheric black] Presages From A Restless Soul
21. Shadow Of Intent - Elegy
(8.15) [symphonic deathcore] Farewell; The Coming Fire; Of Fury; From Ruin...We Rise
22. Almach - Realm
(8.14) [atmospheric black] Hindukush; Shades of War; Afghanistan; Flame of the East
23. Voivod - Synchro Anarchy
(8.11) [progressive] Paranormalium; Planet Eaters; Quest For Nothing
24. Allegaeon - Damnum
(8.08) [tech/melodeath] Of Beasts And Worms; Into Embers; Saturnine
25. Billy Talent - Crisis Of Faith
(8.00) [pop-rock] Reckless Paradise; I Beg To Differ (This Will Get Better); The Wolf; Judged; Hanging Out With All The Wrong People
26. Dirty Shirt - Get Your Dose Now!
(8.00) [alternative/crossover folk] Enjoyable but lacking some of the energy I expected from them.
27. Agathodaimon - The Seven
(8.00) [symphonic black/extreme goth] Mother Of All Gods; The Divine
28. Rolo Tomassi - Where Myth Becomes Memory
(7.90) [math/experimental] Almost Always; Closer; Drip
29. Playgrounded - The Death Of Death
(7.83) [progressive post-metal] The Death Of Death; Tomorrow's Rainbow
30. Sylvaine - Nova
(7.83) [atmospheric black/shoegaze] Need another listen
31. We Broke The Weather - We Broke The Weather
(7.80) [psychedelic rock/jazz] Such a great vibe and consistency throughout. Rat King; The Fog
32. Kurokuma - Born Of Obsidian
(7.80) [doom/sludge] Smoking Mirror; Jaguar; Under The Fifth Sun
33. Yumo Zouma - Present Tense
(7.80) [electro-pop] Airy, whimsical pop with catchy songwriting. Mona Lisa; In The Eyes Of Our Love; Haunt
34. Messa - Close
(7.80) [doom] Rubedo; Serving Him
35. Absent In Body - Plague God
(7.75) [atmospheric sludge/post-metal] need another listen
36. Author & Punisher - Krüller
(7.75) [industrial doom/drone] Drone Carrying Dread
37. Imarhan - Aboogi
(7.75) [tishoumaren] Such a great example of how exploring music around the world gives both a nostalgic familiarity and new experiences.
38. Greg Spero - The Chicago Experiment
(7.73) [improv jazz] The Chant; Tiny Beat; Straight Shooter
39. Humanotone - A Flourishing Fall In A Grain Of Sand
(7.67) [progressive stoner] need another listen
40. Hath - All That Was Promised
(7.67) [death] Kenosis; Casting Of The Self
41. Eight Bells - Legacy Of Ruin
(7.67) [experimental progressive] The Crone
42. Shape Of Despair - Return To The Void
(7.67) [funeral doom] Return To The Void
43. Battle Beast - Circus Of Doom
(7.60) [heavy/power/pop rock] Wings Of Light; Master Of Illusion; Armageddon
44. Extinction A.D. - Culture Of Violence
(7.60) [crossover thrash] Need another listen
45. Diablo - When All The Rivers Are Silent
(7.60) [progressive melodeath/groove thrash] Shackles Of Fear; Parathon
46. The Mountain King - WolloW
(7.56) [drone doom] IV Sophos; V DNA Strand
47. Riverwood - Shadows And Flames
(7.54) [folk/progressive] The Dragonborn Comes - Dovahkiin, Babylon (بَابِل), Dying Light, Rise of the Fallen, The Flame
48. Melt Yourself Down - Pray For Me I Don’t Fit In
(7.50) [dance-punk/afrobeat] Some crazy good beats, like in "Ghosts On The Run", but not everything hits the same levels they could.
49. Dæmonesq - The Beauty Of Letting Go
(7.50) [black] The Beauty Of Letting Go
50. Sakis Tolis - Among The Fires Of Hell
(7.44) [gothic] Ad Astra; The Silence; Nocturnal Hecate
51. Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio - Cold As Weiss
(7.44) [jazz] Pull Your Pants Up; Big TT's Blues
52. Endless Dive - A Brief History Of A Kind Human
(7.44) [instrumental post-rock] A Brief History Of A Kind Human; Elevator To Silence; Au revoir
53. Toundra - Hex
(7.43) [instrumental post-rock] El Odio. Parte II; Watt
54. UIV - Frigus
(7.40) [progressive death/blackened death] Tired Hands; Mother; Terrasleep
55. Celeste - Assassine(s)
(7.38) [black/sludge/hardcore] De Tes Yeux Bleus Perlés; (A); Il A Tant Rêvé D’Elles
56. Kimaera - Imperivm
(7.38) [death doom] Caput Mundi; Ya Beirut
57. Buñuel - Killers Like Us
(7.30) [noise punk/post-punk] Somehow a nostalgic, disonant sound tinged with light doomy sludge. Crack Shot
58. Stabbing Westward - Chasing Ghosts
(7.30) [alternative/industrial] Wasteland
59. Sabaton - The War To End All Wars
(7.30) [power] The Unkillable Soldier; Christmas Truce; Versailles
60. Lucida Dark - Of Death, Of Love
(7.29) [instrumental post-rock] Taken By Sorrow; On That Dark Immortal Shore...; There Are Other Worlds Than These
61. Dusk (PAK) - Imaginary Dead
(7.25) [death doom] Eigengrau; Monochromatically Reimagined; Identity's Burden
62. Urzah - II
(7.25) [sludge] Greedbather
63. Mjød - Invisible Forest
(7.25) [pagan folk] Stardust Mead; The Several Pieces Of Dawn
64. Dark Funeral - We Are The Apocalypse
(7.22) [black] Nightfall; When I'm Gone
65. Venom Prison - Erebos
(7.20) [death] Judges Of The Underworld; Pain Of Oizys; Gorgon Sisters
66. (Dolch) - Nacht
(7.08) [atmospheric doom/drone] Open; Mercury; Coda
67. The Weeknd - Dawn FM
(7.06) [synthpop] Gasoline, Out of Time, Less Than Zero, Phantom Regret by Jim
68. Lycopolis - Amduat Part 1 - The Midnight Mystery
(6.75) [black] Hour 1: Waters Of Re; Hour 5: Station Of The Gods
69. Blood Incantation - Timewave Zero
(6.50) [ambient] Ea
70. Aarlon - Dafan
(6.50) [alternative] The lack of direction really hurts the experience, though I like that they sing in Hindi.
71. Emma Ruth Rundle - Orpheus Looking Back
(6.50) [post-rock/neofolk] Some extension from Engine From Hell, but nothing that hit me.
72. Artamene - Ziggurat
(6.38) [heavy/thrash] Fear Of Darkness; Mayhem; Inshushinak
73. Electromancy - Technopagan
(6.00) [industrial black] Disabled; My Body Is Failing Me

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