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Country: Poland
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

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Formed in: 1996
Hiatus: 2008-2009

1996-2008Technical death metal
2009-Death metal
2009-Groove metal


1996-  Vogg - guitars
2009-  Rasta - vocals
2012-2015  Paweł Pasek - bass
› 2021-  -//-
2019-  James Stewart - drums
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1996-2005  Wojciech Wąsowicz - vocals
1996-2007  Marcin Rygiel - bass
1996-2007  Vitek - drums
2005-2007  Adrian Kowanek - vocals
2009-2011  Filip Hałucha - bass
2009-2012  Krimh - drums
2011-2012  Konrad Rossa - bass
2012-2013  Paweł Jaroszewicz - drums
2014-2018  Michał M. Łysejko - drums
2017-2020  Hubert Więcek - bass
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2000-2004  Jacek Hiro - guitars
2006  Richard Gulczynski - bass
2013  Kevin Foley - drums
2016  Sean Martinez - bass
2016-2017  Hubert Więcek - bass
2018-2019  James Stewart - drums
2019-2020  Eugene Ryabchenko - drums
2020  Ken Bedene - drums
2022  Robb Flynn - vocals
2022  Tatiana Shmayluk - vocals

Latest reviews

Don’t lose your head.
Review by omne metallum ››
The awful tragedy that hit Decapitated ten years ago brought important changes to the band, with new members joining and with the guitarist and main songwriter, Vogg, deciding to switch to a new style. Most of the early tech-death era fans hate this change, but it is a reality and they either have to accept it and appreciate Decapitated's new music for what it is or just listen to something else. Anticult is bound to get the Polish extreme metallers some new admirers, but it will almost surely send away forever many of the old ones that were still following the band.
Review by nikarg ››
Tech death bands usually come in two sorts: you've got the "listen to me" types, where every member fucks around competing over the listener's attention, and then you have the "listen to us" types who don't make abysmal music. Decapitated has always been part of the second group.
Review by wormdrink414 ››

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